Things to Keep In Mind When Marketing to College Students

Things to Keep In Mind When Marketing to College Students

If you think that college students aren’t the best demographic for your business, think again. Despite their quite modest spending power, college students can be grateful and loyal to brands they choose. Due to the relatively stable position of the college market, you can be sure that the goods and services you offer will always find the right customer. Another reason why you want to market specifically to college students is the ability to quickly assess their customer sentiments, analyze their pain points, and target them through social media and other digital platforms. Last but not least, marketing to the young demographic can be more cost-effective. This category of customers tends to respond faster and more eagerly to grassroots messages than to intrusive flashy ads. This all makes college students an ideal target audience to small and mid-size businesses. So, what can you do to maximize your marketing efforts when touting your products to college students? Keep reading to find out more.

Use Social Media

If you want college students to pay attention to your brand, social media marketing is your go-to. It’s not a secret that young learners tend to spend lots of time scrolling their feeds and engaging with their favorite influencers on Instagram and other platforms. If they cannot catch up on their homework, they just ask, Can someone write my essay for me? And voila! Teens literally can’t live without social media these days.

Be sure to create informative and visually appealing social media profiles and start reaching your target audience. It’s also a good idea to link your current business website to your profiles to make the most of your marketing endeavors.

Advertise on Campus 

Along with social media marketing, use tried-and-tested techniques like putting up posters and banners. You can also make good use of campus media boards and place ads there. This way, you can ensure your target audience will notice your business and want to engage with it.

Another great way to draw your prospective client’s attention to your brand is to distribute fliers or pin them right to bulletin boards. A bright flier will catch students’ eyes and encourage them to make a mental note of the services offered by your business.

If you want to market on the cheap, grab some colored chalks and create DIY ads on campus thoroughfares. Just make sure that commercial advertising isn’t prohibited there.

Tap into Students’ Competitive Nature

It’s not a secret that young demographics are into all sorts of competitions, tournaments, and lotteries. With this in mind, you can organize a friendly competition on social media platforms, encouraging your followers to register on your website in exchange for some useful prizes. Try and host a giveaway or raffle. Just make it tempting enough for your demographic to follow up. Also, don’t forget about discounts and coupons your business can offer exclusively to college students. College students will definitely appreciate your generosity and be more willing to stick with your brand in the future.

Get College Ambassadors to Help You 


It’s a great idea to find a college student who can help you do the touting job for you from the inside. They might agree to represent your brand on your behalf and tell other students about the benefits of your products. Offer reasonable remuneration (either monetary or in the form of free brand products) for their services. It’s also important you convince your prospective ambassadors that promoting your products is worth the hassle.

Make sure to arm your representatives with ambassador kits. This means that you should prepare your product samples in advance. Pay special attention to your packaging, as it has to articulate what makes your brand stand out from the rest of its ilk. Also, make sure your ambassadors have small branded items to give away to their fellow students. Among the most popular swag pieces are mouse pads, bags, hoodies, t-shirts, and keyrings.

Support On-Campus Events 

Sponsoring on-campus events is a way to go if you want to not only advertise your products but also get more meaningful exposure within your target market. It’s a great way to unobtrusively introduce your services or goods to the chosen demographic and win their trust.

Also, don’t shy away from charitable events. Note that students are a well-informed, principled, and highly motivated demographic. They are always ready to change the world for the better. Therefore, they often view their brand preferences as extensions of their values. With this in mind, you should prove to your target audience that your brand values align with theirs. So, if your marketing budget permits, consider sponsoring student events.

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