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This is a very good post from Sarah Hartshorn on how to improve your Facebook Fan Page with some good Apps.

Of course, I feel she left out one of the best new ones, Facebook TabSite!  TabSite is the only Facebook App to my knowledge with a full content editor and complete WYSIWYG tool!  As well, the the new "Add RSS feed" item, you can have your Blog and Twitter feed on pages within your TabSite!

Nonetheless, this is a good post to get your creativity flowing on how to customize your Fan Page.

Here's the start of the article and link to the full deal...

Currently, there are more than three million active Facebook Pages on the top ranked site, with the typical Page boasting an average of less than 1,000 fans – oops, I mean ‘likes‘ (seriously, that just doesn’t roll off your tongue quite the same way). Standing out from the static requires you to dress up your Page and make it more interesting and fun for your ‘likers’. That’s where Facebook applications come in. They’re basically like plugins for your Page and there are tens of thousands of them available. Deciding what apps you’d like to incorporate depends on how you’d like to engage with your peeps (that’s an even better word than ‘likers’).

Here’s a compilation of some must have applications for any Page. They’re great additions to the the basic layout that Facebook provides and they can be used in interesting ways to move your ‘likes‘ into action.

Static FBML

Yes, mentioning this application seems totally redundant because it seem to make it on every single must-have Facebook application list. However, it’s really that great. This application is what lets you customize tabs and content on your Page and transform it into part of your brand. The only downside with Static FBML is that you need to have some knowledge of HTML, CSS and Facebook Markup Language (FBML) so that you can create the code needed for content display. Examples of Static FBML in action are the Victoria’s Secret Page, MontBlanc Page and Gary Vaynerchuk Page.


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