10 Proven Methods to Improve Your Google Rank in 2021

Proven Methods to Improve Your Google Rank

Ranking highly on Google is great for attracting people to your website. You will now learn to optimize your rank from the experience of the best SEO agency in Singapore. The ten proven methods provide reliable methods for making your website and web pages more visible by improving your Google rank.

First, let us make it easy to understand how Google ranks work. Google Rank or Pagerank is the value that a Google Search algorithm assigns to a page on your website. The ranking indicates how important your page is to a given search. It would be best if you thought about it in terms of relevance. Relevance means that your rank depends on the relevancy of your page.

Now that we know the foundation of Google Rank is page relevance, you will be glad to know that there are many simple ways to increase your relevance. In the 10 proven methods to improve your Google Rank in 2021, you will see that you can boost your page's relevance by using methods that work in different ways. Some methods focus on the page itself, other web pages of your site, external links from other pages, and other elements that interact with the Google algorithm.

Let's get right into the best methods to improve your Google Rank.

Use Keyword Tags

Your first bet for improving your Google Rank is by attending to the content on your webpage. Imagine having a blank page on your website versus having a page with the most relevant words. People who search for information related to the topic, issue, or product on your website will not find your page. Keywords help solve this problem.

You can test the appropriate keywords using a web analytics tool and use the optimal keywords in your tags. Include the keywords in the meta description, your domain or page URL, headers, and page content without overdoing it. Do not clutter the page with irrelevant keywords because Google may find a way to de-rank you for that word.

Meta description

The Google algorithm sniffs into your HTML, and you have the option to describe the content of your page inside the HTML. Met descriptions consist of text that clearly describes the essential information on your page. You can determine the best description by looking at your topic and keywords. It would help if you also thought about the information that a user may be searching for. You may visualize the common ways of thinking about the information on your page.

Optimize the Page and Website Layout

Before we talk about the importance of mobile-first design, let us address the role of a page layout in Google Rank. Your page layout includes the ordering of primary elements. It would help if you had a structure that breaks down the content in headings and subheadings.

Avoid layouts that place ads and links to advertisements at the top of your page and without any context. Provide an introduction, main body, and conclusion. Try to provide subheadings and make use of the keywords in your page content.

The other thing that you should consider is using some of the meta description content at the top of the web page to quickly ensure that the Google algorithm finds the core message quickly. If your top content is accurate in summarizing the content of your page or answering a user's question, Google may display it in top search results.

Increase the Speed of Your Site and Page

You can increase the speed of your site or page to ensure that the Google algorithm does not discard it quickly. The ways to increase speed include using compression for images or optimizing images, using minimalist approaches to CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, improving the server's response time, and using fewer redirects.

Google tends to de-rank slow pages, and you should monitor issues that could slow you down. The speed of your page may depend on how you use and load images or multimedia. If your page is slow, you can use pictures and video and still achieve very high speeds. It would be best if you focused on getting high-quality hosting to ensure that the content renders quickly and at the right time.

You may also optimize caching for your pages to ensure that repeat users don't have to reload them directly from the server. Browsers provide a lot of support for caching. When you optimize the pages for caching, the browser may keep them for some users to ensure that they don't have to load everything when they revisit the site.

Optimize for Mobile

search engine ranking

Google prioritizes the mobile view, and you should ensure that your pages are visible and fast on mobile devices. Most Google users are on mobile phones or other mobile devices. You should ensure that your web designer includes the portable option and your developer prioritizes it in developing the site.

You can use accelerated pages meant for mobile interfaces to improve your ranking. The accelerated pages load certain elements first and are faster in displaying the most relevant content. The other techniques include using a responsive mobile-first theme for your site. You will realize that mobile-first themes are faster than different themes. You can also focus on loading time to optimize the site for mobile. Finally, you may focus on developing a mobile app if you have sufficient resources because it will boost your site's ranking.

Use Internal links

Your webpage should never occur in isolation. Ensure that the other pages have relevant content. It would be best to link the pages to ensure that a user can land easily on a different page by finding a link on other pages. The internal links include links to the home page, site menu, About Us, Contact Us, and any other page that you believe is essential.

The internal links will help you in your future web analytics. You will be able to deduce user behavior from the data on how they navigate various pages. Internal links will also help Google with a rough idea of the priority in the content on your pages. When users navigate certain pages and spend sufficient time on a final landing page, Google will believe that the site is beneficial to users that navigate the pages.

Simplify the URL Structure

Avoid auto-generated URLs that do not provide any meaningful text or characters. The types of URLs to avoid are those that have such characters as equal signs, question marks, random numbers, and such things as "id=." You can include words that indicate the content on the page. It would be best if you also consider using keywords in the URLs.


You may have seen spam ads talking about selling you links, but you need to understand the concept and avoid scams. Backlinks are links from other websites to your site. Sites will try to link to you if your site appears legitimate and informative. Try to optimize your site and its content before approaching other websites for backlinks. Some sites will link to you because you explore a given niche or because you provide quality content.

If you're not getting enough backlinks after trying organic approaches, you can start to publish content relevant to sites that have more traffic and link to their pages by inserting links to their posts. Some website owners will notice when users move back and forth between your site and their site, which may earn you a backlink.

You can also create blogs about your website or webpage and topics on the targeted external websites. When you become a reliable source of information, the website owners will find your site valuable and link to it. You should also comment on other blog posts using your blogging account or on social media. The alternative technique is to answer queries on such forums as Quora or other public platforms and earn a following.

Use Alt-Text for Images

When you search for items or other things on Google, you will see images on the right-hand side or top areas of Google. In many cases, people click on those images. Google will prioritize your image if it has a proper and relevant description. Alt-text is the best way to provide such a description. The alt-text should be the most meaningful description of the image. Avoid using keywords in the image alt-text to prevent keyword fluffing.

Social Media Links

The final method that you should not ignore involves using links to social media. Having social media pages may seem too easy, but it is highly relevant for some topics and issues. In some cases, a problem that you share on social media may go viral, and Google will find it when presenting search results to users. Link your social media accounts and use links from other relevant posts on other users' social media accounts to improve your ranking.

Wrap Up

You now understand the 10 proven methods to improve your Google Rank in 2021. The methods focus on increasing the relevance and popularity of your pages and website. All the methods work in ways that comply with Google's expectations, and you can use them appropriately to boost your rank.

Finally, you may find this post valuable, and we encourage you to share it or talk to us about your experience. Go for it and rank highly on Google. Google luck!

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