A little about Mike Gingerich…

What do I do?  Simple:  I break things down to simple steps so that you can utilize them best!

I’m all about progress. If you're not moving forward, you're falling back. My work, this blog and my speaking revolve around 5 areas:

  • Web Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media for Business Leads
  • Business Startup and Growth
  • Fitness, Nutrition, and Running/Triathlon Training
  • Mission & Living with a Purpose

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It's my aim to live a life that adds value and is uncommon! Another other way is simply flowing aimlessly with the masses!

I help small and medium sized businesses elevate their game as they grow and navigate the up's and down's of business life and health; and I help businesses win online via this business blog that offers resources on all sorts of relevant business growth and marketing topics.

I help individuals sharpen their purpose and mission in life, grow in leadership skills, and live a life that matters eternally.

I'm a runner and triathlete. I like to challenge myself and participate in races and events with a higher purpose. I've overcome arthritis with a blood-type based diet, Eat Right for Your Blood Type (affiliate), and use a unique, Netherlands based training program, that helps runners over 40 (like me!) train for long events without massive time investment.

Personally, I'm a follower of Jesus and I derive my meaning and mission from serving others and ensuring they have opportunity to know life to the fullest!

I've been married to my wife, Gail, for over 24 years and we have 3 children, 2 of which are now in university studies.

I love to blog about business as well as health and fitness.  Find my other blogs here:

Add Value Business Blog

My Fitness and Health Blog


My background is in marketing, business development and web design sales. As social media took off I gravitated towards Facebook and the marketing side of how to use social media and digital tools to grow your audience, increase your leads, and convert more sales.

I am a co-founder of TabSite, the industry leading promotion and contest app platform, and thoroughly enjoy leading social and online marketing training’s. I do digital marketing and web software strategy consulting for multiple businesses as President of Digital Hill Multimedia. Mike Gingerich Global, LLC is my business blog, speaking and consulting business.

Podcast, Vlog and Live Show

Facebook Live - Every week I co-host a Facebook Live Show called Magnet Marketers with Jessika Phillips of NOW Marketing Group. We keep viewers up-to-date on the latest digital trends from a relationship marketing perspective.

Podcast / Vlog - You can listen in on my podcast, Halftime Mike, or watch me on YouTube, where I dive into my passion areas of web, social, business, fitness, and mission on a regular basis with short, snappy episodes to give you value and actionable takeaways.

I have 12+ years of experience in Internet Marketing, having created and implemented marketing strategies across many industries enabling clients to expand their reach, gain market share, and extend their brand awareness.

A unique role I am passionate about is my non-profit, iGive Global, which I founded as a way to help be a conduit between those in the U.S. and Europe with those in difficult places globally who have great potential but limited means. I even traveled to Iraq and ran a marathon a fundraiser as part of my life mission to add value and connect with those hurting and displaced.

Specialty problem solver for businesses in:

• Growing Leads online
• Using Facebook with your Website to increase Sales
• Effective & Efficient Social Media Marketing
• From Traffic to Lead Conversions
• Nurture Campaigns to Convert Leads to Sales
• Multiplying Content and Social impact
• The Latest Trends in Web and Social Media Marketing
• Leadership and Team Development
• Navigating change and startup growth

My Mission

To develop people and organizations into their highest potential.

I do this by adding value and being uncommon!

Principles That Set Me Apart:

* Be Distinct ( the alternative is extinct)
* A Bias for Action
* Execute with Excellence
* You win when others win
* Engage & Empower Others!
* Get up, shake it off, and keep at it!
* Impact Your World!
* Leadership is Service
* Autonomy with fierce commitment to Values

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