Young Money! 8 Kid Friendly Business Ideas That Turn a Profit

Young MoneyKid Friendly Business Ideas

There are 74.2 million children currently living in the United States.

That represents an enormous potential market for aspiring business-people! Tap into it with the right kid-friendly business ideas and you can enjoy unparalleled success.

The real issue is settling upon a product/service that’ll get you there.

After all, countless businesses are already in operation and targeting this market. With heavy competition in this niche, then, your decision takes on even greater importance.  Things like SEO can be critical to being found and having success according to experts from SEO Gold Coast.

You want an idea that’ll generate value, joy, and revenue. On the hunt for business ideas that tick those boxes? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to discover 8 business ideas oriented around young people.

1. Baby Clothing Line

Let’s face it, babies don’t care what they wear!

Their parents, on the other hand, are another matter altogether.

Walk down the local high street and you’ll see well-dressed, fashionable babies around every turn. Their mum and dad want them to look their best, and they’re willing to pay for it.

Love babies and have an eye for fashion?

You could set about designing, manufacturing and vending the clothes/shoes for them to wear. Find your specific age-bracket, audience, and style and create your own label. With time and effort, you could become a well-establish brand supporting an underserved market.

2. Baby Food Line

Is nutrition more of your thing?

Well, baby food might be a better option. After all, not every parent cares about the clothes their babies wear. But almost all of them worry about the food they’re feeding them.

It makes sense. Baby food provides all of the vital nutrients in this vital stage of life. It’s natural to want the best sustenance possible for your child.

You could target this market by creating a line of tasty and nutritious baby food.

Again, there’s no shortage of competition on supermarket shelves. Conjure up recipes that even the fussiest babies will eat, though, and you’ll be onto a winner anyway.

3. Kids’ Toy Store

What’s the number one thing all kids want?


Children and toys very literally go hand in hand. Visit the homes of moms and pops around the country and their rooms will be ridden with kids’ toys.

Of course, any number of wild and wonderful toys exist already. Rest assured, though, that the demand will never run dry. There will always be a need for another fun and entertaining toy.

You could be the one to design, manufacture and deliver it!

A key aspect of this business idea is product packaging. Here’s an article where you can learn about packaging design for kids.

4. Kids’ Party Entertainment

Birthdays are a big deal with you’re 5 years old.

Heck, they’re still a fun occasion for adults! But when you’re a child they’re the best day of the year. The primary thing they look forward to (after presents)? Their parties.

Getting together with their friends for games, cakes, and all manner of entertainment is what makes the day special. Your business could be set up to provide it.

You could sort out the venue, catering, lights/sound system, entertainment, and everything else that goes into the event. Alternatively, simply offer single elements, such as the entertainer. In the right location and with enough demand, you can quickly gain a reputation that’ll drive business your way.

5. Daycare Service

Adults are busier than ever before.

What’s more, in an expensive world, many are forced to work long hours that keep them away from the house. When both parents are out working, they need to find a trusted place to leave their kids.

That’s where daycare services come into play.

Do you love children and have the experience and qualifications to look after them? Well, setting up a daycare service could be the perfect business idea for you. You can guarantee that adults in your area will need your service.

Scout out the neighborhood for competition, send out some feelers to ascertain interest and get started. In busy locations with lots of young working parents, you’re sure to attract good business.

6. Kids’ Educational Resources Store

Another option would be to set up an educational store.

School is a huge part of a kids’ life from a very early age. By the time someone reaches 21 years of age they could have been in education for 18 years!

The result? There’s almost always a demand for educational supplies.

You could sell everything from school books and stationery to exam preparation guides. Heck, with a bit of effort you could even run it from the computer. Sourcing products from overseas, you could ship them to the US and sell via online platforms like Amazon.

7. Tutoring Service

Let’s stick with the educational theme for a moment.

Few services are more valuable to the educational betterment of children than tutoring.

It’s all too common for kids to want and/or need some extra support outside of class. Teachers might be too stretched to offer it in a classroom setting. As such, accessing the help of a tutor can be a lifeline in helping kids keep up.

Think about offering online and offline services. Find willing tutors to work for you, or offer the support yourself.

8. Kids’ Arts and Crafts Supplies

Children are creative by nature.

With oodles of imagination, they’re always doing something creative in nature. Most parents do their best to encourage and nurture their kids’ creative inclinations.

Arts and crafts are a staple of this intent.

Paper, pencils, beads, coloring crayons, paints, glitter, glue, stencils, papier-mache…you name it, and children love to get their hands on it.

That’s where you could come in! Why not set up a store selling arts and crafts goods? Give the gift of creativity by selling your own equipment or that of others.

Try These Kid-Friendly Business Ideas

The tens of millions of children in the US represent one almighty market!

Hopefully, the kid-friendly business ideas in this post will help you tap into it.

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