9 Parenting Niche Business Ideas

Parenting Niche Business Ideas

It doesn’t take a marketing expert to know that parents are incredibly far-reaching consumers. Given the diverse, varied, and vast nature of parenthood, they’re tapping into a ton of different markets. From diapers to car seats and organic baby food. And, as a steady stream of new solutions to everyday needs and nuisances, so too are new niche businesses, products, and markets to meet them.

In other words, if you’re considering creating an opportunity in a parent-related market, the opportunities are tremendous. Not sure where to start? No problem. Here are nine ideas for parenting niche businesses that you could kick off right now.

Baby photography

Baby portraits make for a thriving market. Additionally, you’ll find that sentimentality makes for a thriving business opportunity. Babies obviously don’t stay little forever, and parents want to capture those fleeting moments of infanthood. With strategic marketing and specific photography training, you can make a lucrative stream of income.


Students of all ages need tutors for every subject. This means the options here are so diverse that you can choose freely in anything academic or extracurricular. Anything from calculus and French to violin or oboe. Parents are willing to invest big bucks in their kids’ activities. Whether it be for long-term investments into their future, or simply for their joy of it. That said, especially for parents of the former that are gunning to position their kids for the best possible future, those are more likely to be highly profitable over a longer period. (After all, tutoring competitive violinists working toward a college scholarship may likely be more profitable than teaching sixth graders guitar lessons that they’ll drop once they tire of practicing.)

Home daycare

Daycare has long been a low-supply, high-demand market. As the number of dual-income households increases, some parents grow desperate to find affordable, quality childcare. Again, knowing how to reach your clientele base is key; once word spreads of your services, parents will flock to your business.

Kids Retail Reseller on eBay

Kids’ clothes aren’t exactly a great investment. Not only are they not exactly cheap, but they’re also outgrown so quickly; in other words, they quickly depreciate. Too many parents dressing their kids, it can be disheartening to realize it’s already time to replace outgrown clothes they seem to have just bought. Enter, you: Mr. or Ms. eBay Aficionado. Starting a children’s’ retail business on a popular reselling platform like eBay is a great way to address families’ needs for more affordable kids’ clothing.

Parenting Blogger

Blogging has become the modern, hyper-accelerated version of friends swapping parenting advice. Avid followers can develop [what feels like] a personal bond with bloggers they follow, even weighing their input as they would a close friend’s. Therein lies a great deal of influential opportunity among successful bloggers for parenting niches. With the ease of visiting a website, parents, especially first-timers, can learn every practical parenting tip under the sun. Blogs offer factors of convenience, ease, and no-cost (that is until they’re convinced they absolutely must have those same handmade onesies you’re marketing on your site!), all of which have strong appeal for online parent consumers.

Gender Reveal Coordinator

Given their quickly rising popularity in the States, businesses addressing the demand for trendy, Insta-worthy gender reveal parties stand to profit incredibly well. The all-American standard of making new milestones fun is definitely at play here, as parents remember to pause the planning and simply celebrate the pregnancy. Take, for instance, a husband-and-wife time founded Gender Reveal Celebrations. They offer not only creative gender reveal ideas, but also parent-tested (and approved) products to throw an amazing party for your unborn guest of honor. You can develop your own brand image and hit the same parent market.

Children's party entertainer

What do magicians, comedians, petting zoo handlers and puppeteers have in common? You can hire one for a birthday party! A party entertainer, especially for children, has every bit of influence to bump a family gathering from fun to AWESOME. By building a strong online presence (read: website and social media) and encouraging word-of-mouth marketing via referrals, you can create a major spike in demand for this type of business.

Children's cake decorating

This is about as niche as it gets. Offering classes as a service product makes a unique activity kids can do with their parents and friends. Pus, selling specialty custom children’s cakes is a product line that can set you apart from other bakeries as a true niche.


There will always be a demand for babysitting. But creating a niche business that also offers easy scheduling, seamless referrals, certified sitters, flawless customer service, and guaranteed reliability? Now that’s a cash cow in the making.

By now, you can probably recognize that there are many ways to ingratiate a new business into a parent-niche market. These ideas will help you get started!

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