Why Using a Copywriter for SEO Will Transform Your Traffic

Unfortunately, students do not graduate with a degree in Copywriting. You hardly hear about famous contests in content writing or copywriting at all. However, despite worldwide recognition of the importance of content in the modern digital world, this profession is still taken not seriously.

Much of the knowledge and skills copywriters have are self-acquired. It takes time and dedication to become a specialist in writing that serves well for marketing purposes and to become the best at copywriting examples. All copywriters admit that practice is the best trainer. However, they continuously monitor trends and invent different approaches that will actually catch the attention of the audience.

The most critical part of the copywriter’s work is SEO. Making the text easy to find online is the key component of successful marketing using search engines like Google. Even the best content is useless unless the best SEO writing practices are applied to bring it higher in search requests results.

Here is why your website traffic will transform if you hire a professional copywriter for SEO:

Copywriter is Different from Any Other Writers

If we compare a copywriter with an essay writer for hire from writing service, the difference is critical. The latter is trained to follow academic standards of writing. They are good at writing, and they can become copywriters, but it will take time and practice. A copywriter knows where and how to use keywords, how to avoid vagueness and how to hook a reader. Copywriters are allowed to use slang, pun, and juicy words that can actually turn around the entire message of the article.


To catch a visitor and convert them into a potential buyer, the article you post on your website should be easy to track online. You need to insert such combinations of words that your potential customer is likely to type into Google search when they seek a particular product or service. A good copywriter knows exactly what SEO writing is. They are experts in finding and placing the keywords that would lead a customer to your website.

Google employs tools that serve to analyze the relevance of the article. The more relevant it is to the search request, the higher it is shown in the search results. Your copywriter works hard to make this article reach at least the second page in the search results. Internet users are unlikely to spend their time looking at the third or fourth pages.

Guest Posts and Affiliate Marketing

Copywriters can boost your website traffic by referring to affiliate marketing. Your partners’ websites are equipped with blogs that can actually promote your services and products. Your copywriter should write a post that would fit the topic of your partner’s blog and insert your link in passing. As a result, your website traffic will increase since many customers who seek your partner’s products will be converted to try your services as well. Usually, such affiliate marketing deals are conducted on a mutual basis.

Informative and Friendly Tone

The content should be impeccable to expand your audience and make it more interested in reading what you offer on your website. It should be easy to read and interesting. Copywriters know exactly what words they should use to sound more informative and friendly, avoid being monotonous and actually answer the questions the readers might have. Every piece of content a copywriter writes should add value rather than just listing several keywords that bring the article to the top.


Can you imagine how much content is posted online every minute? Thousands of posts, millions of keywords, and tons of information. The more texts are published, the harder it is to write about something in a unique way. However, Google and other search engines require the article to be quite unique to reach high positions in search results. Reaching 90% of content uniqueness can be very tough sometimes. However, paying attention to all other requirements concerning grammar and keyword density, copywriters still manage to excel at this job and make your website content unique.

Headlines and Storytelling

Copywriters know exactly how to boost your website traffic. They use different attention-grabbing tools and techniques that actually convert visitors into customers. Most importantly, copywriters know what words they should use for the titles and headlines to make the readers choose your website over hundreds of others. However, this is not the end of the story. Copywriters continue to fill the content with personal insights and stories, making it closer to the target audience. Storytelling usually results in improved readability and better website traffic.

To sum it up, copywriters are masters of words, who carefully pick each of them and evaluate its effect on the audience. The more skilled your copywriter is in terms of SEO, the better your website performs. Thus, it would be the wrong strategy to minimize your budget by cutting copywriting costs. No one brings more to the marketing plate than a copywriter who knows how to address the audience and how to apply all modern SEO tools.

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