Creating Great Content: 5 Key Components to Keep in Mind

Creating Great Content: 5 Key Components to Keep in Mind

Blogging has become one of the best and most effective ways to share content online. Through blogging, you can express your feelings, send out a message, or seek to sell a product or service to consumers. It’s truly a great method to “speak” out to people without doing so verbally, all while ensuring your message can be reached by the largest audience possible. Creating great content is the key, and it takes time, a strategy, and an effort to make it work.

But as someone new to blogging, you might be confused with the entire process. Not everyone can just jump into blogging like it’s no big deal. However, if you want to be a successful blogger, it kind of is a deal big.

Whether you’ve been blogging with little success or are thinking about trying it soon for the very first time, below are some great tips for you to consider.

  1. You Don’t Have To Be a Pro Writer.

In truth, it does help to be a good writer prior to taking on blogging. Although, you most definitely don’t have to be a professional nor do you have to have a lot of experience with it. More importantly, you should have passion. With passion often comes consistency, endurance, commitment, a drive to succeed, and an open mind, which are all important aspects of creating great content for your blog.

  1. Quality Takes Time. 

Did you know that 45% of blog posts take approximately two to four hours to write on average? Knowing this, it should be clear to you that good blog content takes time, perhaps more than you might think. This doesn’t mean you should be wasting all your free time creating good blog content, but rather, that it’s something you shouldn’t try to rush or “get out of the way.”

  1. Sometimes Short, Sweet, and to the Point is Best.

We all want to be the best of the best. But something you should realize is that being the best blogger doesn’t mean writing the most. If anything, moderation is key. Sometimes it’s fewer words per sentence, smaller paragraphs, and shorter blog posts that does the trick while still getting the same point across. Nobody wants to read a novel of a blog post. Who has time for that?!

  1. Want To Garner More Organic Traffic? Use SEO.

If you’ve already launched your blog, you might be disappointed with the lack of traffic you might be seeing come in. In that case, you may be lacking proper search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the use of relevant keywords within your content. These keywords should be commonly searched for on search engines, which then be linked back to your blog.

That said, to get the most search engine presence and, thus, organic traffic, you’re going to want to learn a little SEO. Note that some are better than nothing.

  1. You Must Post Regularly to Keep/Improve Your Search Engine Rank.

The rank of your blog on search engines is crucial. As we all know, the listings on search engines that appear on the first page that is closest to the top are the ones that garner the most attention and, in turn, are clicked on first before the listings that are ranked lower. One way to boost your rank is to post regularly on your blog, at least once or twice a week or so.

To learn more about creating a great blog, visit the Blogger Outreach website.

Great Content and Copywriting 

Copywriting is the production of a compelling copy of a sales letter, article, or any content piece. The copy is usually intended for advertising purposes. Copywriters are creative writers that bring out the best in every content, helping a website generate more visitors or unpaid (organic) traffic.

A copywriter is someone who creates easy-to-understand, clear, and compelling copy to engage and educate consumers or to sell a product or service. A copywriter also showcases writing expertise on blog posts, websites, product descriptions, banner advertising, email blasts, newsletters, PSAs, white papers, and social media platforms. Lastly, copywriters help business owners create the right message on email newsletters, print or digital advertisements, brand taglines, and social media copy. For instance, copywriters write taglines for apps to get people to sign up.

Here are good-to-know facts about copywriting: 

  • Once you already mastered the art of copywriting, you will be able to generate income because of great content that converts more visitors to become paying customers. 
  • Learning copywriting may seem a difficult task. However, applying a solid system and regular practice can help you understand and hone your copywriting skills. 
  • Copywriting also includes sending a money order or cheque, send back an order form, or call the company to ask more information.
  • Nobody is born with good copywriting skills. This skill needs practice and hard work, especially if you want to create great copywriting pieces and become successful at it. A good learning system helps improve your writing techniques. You will learn how to become a good copywriter by reading this blog post.


Blogging can be an exciting way to share a message via written words. It can also be an excellent way to reach out to your target audience without having to seek them directly yourself. Although, creating great content for your blog is a process that still requires time and effort. With the previous tips in mind, though, you might just find yourself having an easier and more successful time overall.

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