Why Does New York Have a High Number of Truck Accidents?

Why Does New York Have a High Number of Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents are considered the most dangerous, leading to severe property damage, injuries, and sometimes fatalities. Like any other state, New York has a large number of different-sized trucks involved in different accidents regularly.

While New York is not the leading state in truck accidents, it is among the top five. According to different reports, here are some reasons why New York experiences many truck accidents.

Distracted Driving

While distraction happens for all drivers regardless of the type of car they drive, it is more common in truck drivers who have been behind the wheel for long periods. Truck drivers taking their hands, minds, or eyes off driving even for a second could prove fatal for them and other road users.

Reports show that distracted drivers make up approximately 18.4% of all truck accidents that happen around New York.

Driver Fatigue

Truck drivers face the challenge of beating deadlines, and they sometimes do that at the expense of their rest and sleep. This could result in them dozing off behind the wheel, low concentration, slow reaction speeds, decreased judgment, and blurred vision.

While there are federal regulations limiting the number of hours each truck driver can drive, some companies might violate them, endangering their drivers and other road users.

Drug Use

Many truck drivers around New York admitted to using amphetamines, marijuana, and cocaine during working hours to keep them awake. While it might help to keep them alert, the drugs might encourage them to take deadly risks like speeding and running red lights.

The effects also wear off fast, leaving the drivers feeling drowsy and causing them to fall asleep.

Wrong or Careless Road Usage

Speeding is one of the most common careless road use errors. This results from drivers wanting to meet their deadlines. When trucks travel at high speeds, it takes them longer to stop even after breaking. Thereby, increasing their chances of hitting the cars in front of them.

Other careless and wrong road usages include; following other drivers too closely, improper lane use, failure to observe the ‘right-of-way’ rule, unsafe lane changing, and ignoring traffic signs and lights.

Defective Trucks

While reports indicate that many truck accidents were from human error and avoidable, a considerable percentage is due to faulty trucks. All trucking companies must conduct regular truck inspections and maintenance to reduce these accidents. But it's impossible to prevent them. These accidents can happen because of old or worn-out tires, defective breaks, lighting defects, etc.

Overloaded Trucks

All trucks have specific weight and load limits. However, trucking companies might exceed the limit because of the urge to deliver more within a short time. This makes it hard for the drivers to control the vehicles. Especially around bends and corners. Thus, increasing the chances of rollovers and jackknifing.

Poor Road Conditions

As the tenth state on the list of pothole problems, New York has more truck accidents because of poor road conditions.


Whether you are a pedestrian or motorist injured in a truck accident, you must file for claims as soon as possible. This will help you cover your hospital bills, and replace your lost or damaged property. Plus, compensate you for your lost income.

Getting a good truck accident attorney and having proof that the truck driver is the cause of your losses is key to winning the case. Especially when there are a high number of truck accidents and cases every week.

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