Why do only a small number of SEO agencies in London deliver concrete results?

seo agencies in london

To rank your website higher in search engines, business owners need to understand the basics of search engine optimization techniques. Webmasters often struggle with SEO as it is one of the most challenging marketing tactics to master. You cannot ace SEO unless you are an experienced SEO specialist with a significant amount of knowledge in this field. 

Google changes its algorithm frequently. Only a professional SEO agency can determine the latest algorithm updates. As mentioned before, you not only need knowledge but experience in search engine optimization. To save money, people hire local and inexperienced SEO companies. However, these companies fail to deliver the expected results. Here’s how the little and unprofessional SEO agencies ruin your website’s SEO:

  • Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is the copied content that matches the content published on other websites on Google. If research is to be believed, then 50% of the problems in SEO arise because of the duplicate content. You trust the SEO agencies blindly and they end up posting duplicate content on your website. 

Google penalizes websites that publish duplicate content. The search engine platform is constantly trying to make the platform better for users. You must always rely on a professional SEO consultant like that guarantees 100% original and unpublished content.

  • Meta Descriptions

The meta description can be defined as a short description of the particular website or webpage. Studies suggest that most of the users read meta descriptions before visiting a website. Meta descriptions do not have a direct impact on your search engine ranking. However, they affect your CTR significantly. 

Your visitors are likely to click your website URL in search engines if they find the meta-description useful. According to the research, 30% of the websites use duplicate meta-descriptions whereas 25% of websites don't use meta-data at all. Unprofessional SEO agencies often overlook meta-description. As a result, companies lose out a major number of their potential customers to competitors.

  • Broken Internal and External Links

The broken internal link can cause serious damage to your online presence. Broken links are the links that direct users to a 404 page. Users click such links to find valuable information. However, they are directed to the 404 pages since the webpage they were searching for has deleted or removed from the search engines. Search engine spiders consider the internal and external links to rank a website on Google. A website having hundreds of broken links will be harder to indexed and crawled since it will take the Google bots to a 404 page. 

You must search for an SEO agency that runs a thorough check on your backlinks and internal links and address the broken link issues accurately. For example, ClickSlice is an SEO agency that actually delivers results by removing all the broken links from your website. 

  • Low Word Count

Low word count has a major impact on your SEO ranking. Basically, Google has not announced a minimum or maximum word count for websites. However, the search engine ranks high-word count pages higher in the search results. The more depth and information your content has, the higher its value is. 

Google wants users to get valuable information from their search engine. If your content has valuable information and covers the maximum topic, there's a good chance Google bots will rank it on the first page. You must hire an SEO company that focuses on delivering high-quality and informative content to your readers. The more your readers stick around your website, the lower your bounce rate and the higher your website ranking will be. 


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