Why Do Companies Support Charities (And Why You Should Too)

Why Do Companies Support Charities (And Why You Should Too)

A charity is an organization set up to immediately help those in need of finances and other practical aid. The people who contribute to charitable organizations and their reasons for doing so vary. Some individuals find themselves with some extra cash that they do not have a need for, and so they donate to someone that could use the help. Other people can be personally affected by the topics represented by a charity, and they feel that it is their duty to work to prevent the ill effects of whatever the organization is fighting. However, there is another sector that donates to charity, and that is the business sector.

It is not uncommon for a large company to rally behind a charity and openly commit to donating toward a specific cause. But why is this? The entire company cannot have been affected by one singular issue, and it seems counterintuitive for a business to give away its profits in a manner that does not benefit the company moving forward. Let’s look at some of the reasons why a company may elect to support a specific charity, and why it might be a good idea for your business,  too.

It Is An Act Of Kindness

One of the most obvious reasons for anyone to donate toward a charitable cause is that it is a morally sound thing to do. Any money or assistance you can give toward an organization is always greatly appreciated by those involved, and it does make a difference in the long term. Charities rely on the donations of the public to fulfill their mission statement, and your business has enough profit to give them the leg up that they need.

There are charities out there that seek to fight disease, end child hunger, or provide those struggling with a bit of extra support during a rough patch. Therefore, it makes sense for a large company to put their support toward a charitable cause as it will make a genuine, positive difference in someone’s life. If there is any cause out there close to your heart, you may also find it feels good to lend a helping hand.

Increase In Employee Morale

There is no denying that helping out a charity can make you feel good inside while also providing aid to those who need it. However, supporting a charity has a wider reach than you may think. Not everyone can donate to a charity on their current salary and living situation. This is why it is always great for others to see the big companies step up.

Your employees will appreciate working for a company that openly does good deeds. It reassures them that they are working toward something positive, even when they are only going about their daily business. This reassurance will be reflected in their mood, and a happy worker is likely to be more productive. This means that showing support for a charitable organization can provide your business with a companywide morale boost. Often, this is something that is very difficult to achieve with other methods.

It Improves Your Branding

Branding is one of the most crucial parts of running a business. This subtle marketing trick can ensure that the general public recognizes your business from something as simple as a company logo or name. You should always incorporate your branding into all your marketing materials, slowly forging a relationship between images and words with your company. However, nothing creates more goodwill among your target audience than seeing someone use their influence in a positive way. So, why not let giving to charity help you with your branding?

Every time a consumer sees the marketing for your chosen charity, they are reminded of your business. The ethical practices you undertake are also on display. What’s more, you can take this branding further with synergy. You can use a custom t-shirt wholesaler like Bolt Printing for cheap t-shirt printing. This allows you to incorporate both brand identities into your work uniforms. This clever move will remind customers of your company link every time they visit your place of business. Or, when they visit the charity you support. It is a situation where everybody wins.

Improves Public Perception

It is no secret that much of the general public views a big business in a negative light. The corporate world has a reputation for being insular and uncaring. This is due to a lot of less than favorable media coverage. So, why not seek to dispel this perception.

The reason why customers choose to use smaller, more local businesses is that big business is often the local villain. Many people accuse large companies of polluting the local area, destroying local trade, and removing jobs from the area. However, it would be very difficult for people to forge this perception if you are outwardly supporting a charity. Helping someone that needs it can remove the unfair negative stigma that attaches to corporate business. This makes it more likely that people use your services, earning you more money in the long run. Also, it helps you to expand into other territories as your good deeds are likely to proceed any other reputation.

Charitable Donations Can Be Tax-Deductible.

Any monetary donation that is a non-profitable act by the local governing body is tax-deductible. Therefore, you can receive reductions to the tax that you pay yearly by electing a charity to routinely support.

It isn’t as easy as it may seem, however. You must first meet a set of criteria before you can reduce your taxable income in this way. For starters, the donation must be given to a certified organization. This ensures that the charity is legitimate and that the money donated is put to good use. Secondly, you must provide a proven track record of donations you have made. You must specify whether you have donated money or property. Ensure that every receipt of donation contains the organization’s logo.

Reducing your taxable income may seem like a selfish reason to support a charity. But, it is a perfectly legitimate strategy for most large corporations. What’s more, both parties benefit from your charity donations, so it isn’t like you aren’t contributing to the cause in any way.

It Makes A Difference To The World

Everyone wants to do their bit to help out the less fortunate when they can. Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to do so, and the small bit of money that the general public can spare takes a long time to add up. This means that it can take a long time for big charities to effect relevant change. Fortunately, businesses earn enough that they can make a sizable contribution to a cause while also maintaining a healthy profit margin.

Fairness isn’t a natural concept in this life. This means that some people are going to have to step up and even the playing field. Your business has the means to make the world a better place while you also get to experience all the benefits listed above. Odds are that you do not require any more convincing. So, why not start supporting a charity of your choice immediately?

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