What You Need to Do to Properly Maintain Your HVAC System and Keep It Running for Years

What You Need to Do to Properly Maintain Your HVAC System and Keep It Running for Years

There are ways to get your money back with the investments you make for your home and business, and there are some investments that are more expensive than most, such as a roof, flooring, and an HVAC system. A home or business' air conditioning and heating do a lot for the comfort of everyone residing or working on your premises, and there are many things you can do to ensure that your system is up and running as it should. You don't end up having an emergency on your hands.

Whether you have a newly-installed HVAC system or would like to know how you can maintain your existing system and keep it up and running, you need to know some proper maintenance procedures to make sure your system is as efficient as possible, and you can take advantage of your system for years to come. Here's what you need to know.

  • Clean it

First of all, you should keep it clean – and it also means cleaning the condensing unit. Most units have a condensing unit and heat pump outdoors, with a fan on the top to help heat disperse during the summer. Keep in mind that the fins (made of metal) usually get clogged with grime, pollen, and dirt, so every season, make it a point to spray the unit's exterior components with a hose to make sure that it is clean and free from dirt. But there's one thing to keep in mind: avoid using pressure washers, as this can damage your unit permanently.

  • Replace the filters

It is also essential to replace your unit’s filters, and honestly, when was the last time you did it? The thing is, disposable filters work hard to clean your system and keep out large debris and particles, as confirmed by specialists in AC repair in Aurora IL such as McNally’s. In addition to this, make sure to replace them every one to three months. Also, if you have someone with asthma or other respiratory ailments or you have pets, you may want to replace them more often!

When choosing a filter, look for one with a MERV 7-11 rating because if you go for something more, you will decrease the airflow in your system, which will strain it and affect its efficiency. If your unit is equipped with an air purifier, make sure their filters are cleaned, too.

  • Inspect your outdoor component

Aside from all of the above, make it a point to inspect your outdoor component and make sure it is clean. Remove any buildup of vegetation and leaves around your unit, as vegetation can impede the airflow. Trim trees and bushes around it, and make sure there are around two feet of clearance throughout your unit and on all sides. Keep watch over any bushes or trees that have too much pollen, like Cottonwood, as they clog condensing components.

  • Have a partner in maintenance

Of course, you can't do it all on your own. Ensure there is someone with the credentials who can check your unit regularly and ensure that it is working properly and in good condition. Have them come in twice annually to flush the coils, check the drain system, vacuum the blower, and do what is necessary for a thorough clean.

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