What is White Hat SEO and Why Your Business Needs It

What is White Hat SEO and Why Your Business Needs it

These days, with the monumental rise of the internet, the best way for a business to grow is by building its online presence and increasing its brand awareness amongst online customers. There are various digital marketing strategies which can be used to do this but the most effective has been shown to be search engine optimization (SEO). Every field of business and industry is extremely competitive these days but SEO engineers use various tools and what's called white hat SEO tactics to improve the standing of a business’s website so that it rises above the competition. 

SEO is all about creating a website that the major search engines rank highly, but there are certain rules which must be followed or the search engines will penalize a site. The search engine approved SEO methods are known as White Hat SEO and it is very important that you understand what is allowed and what isn’t before you start implementing any digital marketing strategies. This article is a guide to the different White Hat SEO methods and why you should implement them.

What is SEO?

Before you can decide whether White Hat SEO is right for your business, it is first important to understand the purpose of SEO. Essentially, the endgame of all search engine optimization is to take a website to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). This is extremely important because most people will not scroll down past the first few results when they are searching for something online. If your website is in the number one position on SERPs when keywords related to your business are searched for, you are guaranteed to get more traffic for your website which you can then convert into leads.

What is White Hat SEO?

There are various SEO methods that can be implemented in order to improve a website’s ranking on the SERPs. Unfortunately, some of the most effective ways require website owners to pay a lot of money for backlinks and other strategies which ultimately game the system and give them an unfair advantage. The search engines do not just want the websites with the most money to dominate, they want it to be websites with the best quality content to rank highest on SERPs. White Hat SEO are the strategies which have been greenlighted by the search engines. All other strategies (Black Hat SEO) are banned and if your website is judged to have implemented any of these, then your site could end up being blacklisted, which can effectively destroy your online presence. 


Here are the White Hat SEO strategies which every business should implement on their website:

1. Quality Content

Search engines want their users to be directed to websites with the most relevant, highest quality websites, not just to the websites with the most money to spend on SEO engineering, and so the most important thing to focus on is the content on your site. The experts from one SEO Singapore company explain that you should think about who you are as a business and brand, who your customer is, what they want, and create quality content that will be appealing to visitors. Unless visitors already have knowledge of business, they are most likely to come across your website as the result of an organic search. For example, they will have entered a search term like “Singapore restaurants” and found the website for your Singapore restaurant in the SERPs. 

Clearly, if we take the above example, there are so many restaurants in Singapore that standing out is going to require some work. It is, therefore, vital that you identify the search terms that are most relevant to your business and which are most commonly searched by potential customers. This identification is called keyword research and enables you to create content in which the search engine algorithms will rank highly. Once you have identified the keywords, the trick is to integrate them strategically, but in a natural way, into the content of your website. Then when a potential customer searches for one or more of those keywords, your website will be at the top of the results page.

2. Descriptive Meta Tags

A meta tag is like a short summary that appears under your website’s heading on SERPs and which provides both web browsers and search engine algorithms with a description of what each page of your website is about. This tag helps to specify the purpose of your website and relate it to the products and services which your business provides. Writing effective meta tags takes time and knowledge and requires its own keyword research.

What is White Hat SEO and Why Your Business Needs it

As with writing SEO friendly content, it is often worthwhile hiring a qualified White Hat SEO engineer to help with your meta tags. They are such an important thing to get right that the initial investment in a professional service will be repaid many times over when you start to attract new visitors and customers. There are many quality SEO firms and freelance engineers available online so be sure to do your research and you will find the right professional to help you take your business’s website to the next level.

3. A User-Friendly Website 

There is nothing that frustrates visitors more than a website with technical issues. Slow page loading times, broken links, and rough scrolling will all cause visitors to leave a site and will also be negatively regarded by the search engine algorithms which decide a website’s ranking. Make sure your website works perfectly and gives your visitors a smooth, enjoyable experience. A professionally made website reflects well on your business whereas a site with many technical problems will suggest to potential customers that your business doesn’t care about their experience and will ultimately cause them to look to your competitors instead.

SEO is so important in today’s world of digital marketing and business, but in order to stay on the right side of the search engine regulations, it is vital to ensure that your website follows the White Hat methods. Implement these effectively and it can transform your business and your reputation online. Follow this guide and you will be able to create a winning website that will see your business rise head and shoulders above your competition. Click this link for even more SEO resources.

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