Etsy SEO - Ultimate Guide for 2021


Etsy SEO - Ultimate Guide

If you have an Etsy shop, then you should have a perfect SEO strategy. Search Engine Optimization involves increasing search visibility by creating content, visuals, copy, and a slew of other factors.

Though SEO mainly focuses on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), an Etsy shop owner can employ the same strategies ensuring store listing and products manifest at the top of the e-commerce site's search function.

Consumers connect with the products they're looking for using query matching and ranking. The Etsy search query matching refers to a search term by a potential consumer pair with Etsy's inventory listings. A Sydney SEO Company mentions that the search function parses categories, attributes, titles, and tags to match each searched item.

How Etsy Search Works

The search engine determines listing rank by aggregating eight outstanding score features after query matching has occurred. These listings include:

  • Relevancy Score

In the Etsy search hierarchy, the exact-match keywords earn high rankings. When an exact match is not found, secondary keyword sources are awarded search spots, including attributes, titles, tags, and categories that align with the consumers' query.

  • Recency Score

An item gains a high recency score when it is first posted, which boosts the product for a short period after the initial listing.

  • Listing Score Quality

Listing converts are established well by the quality of the listing score. When a consumer makes a purchase, the score increases, resulting in a higher quality of the listing score.

  • Shipping Price Score

For shipping, Etsy shops charge quite a good amount. Shops that earn higher shipping scores are those that allow for a discount or ship for free.

  • Context-Specific Ranking (CSR) Technology Score

The ranking studies the past behaviors and identify current desires.  By understanding consumer interests, AI (Artificial Intelligence) supplies results that suit the said interests.

  • Customer and Market Experience Score

All stores in Etsy earn scores calculated by combining negative feedback, customer reviews, and completing the 'about' portion of a shop's description.

  • Shopper's Habits Score

Same as the CSR technology score, the metric draws on past behaviors and determines the likelihood of purchase at the current times.

  • Language and Translations Score

When they open an Etsy account, the consumer's language is what should convey the shop's information.

Tips for Etsy SEO

There are strategies that you can use to raise rankings (reach your listings and increase visibility) in the Etsy search though some seem impossible to influence. You can improve your store's ranking by optimizing the following Etsy SEO areas.

Use High-Quality Photos

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In online selling platforms, a picture is infinitely worthy. A photo must attract attention, maintain the attention and convert it to consumers on an online platform. For instance, product photos are the deciding factors for a purchasing shop because they always outweigh the cost to ship, the price, and customer reviews. Being a seller at Etsy is advantageous because you can add up to 10 photos per item. The more users are drawn to the pictures, the more your ranking increases and, therefore, ensures that you choose your images wisely.

Use a Thoughtful Shop Name

The name of your shop is your store page's title and is visible in SERPs. Ensuring that what you're selling is clear to consumers when crafting the shop title is vital. Having a whimsical name makes consumers bypass your products for better-defined ones. Having names that drive consumers directly to their intended course, eliminating confusion, works best. The shop name you chose should not be so long to avoid getting cut off on the usernames characters on the different platforms.

Carefully select the Etsy SEO Keywords

Direct matches with shoppers' keywords work well in Etsy. Keywords are always the main foundation of improving SEO. To always understand the best keywords to use for your Etsy shop, always think like the buyer. Like what is the term that your customer likely to key in into the search bar.? There are SEO tools that you can use, such as Ubersuggest, and help you with in-depth keyword data by providing backlinks, additional keyword suggestions, and content ideas. For more effective and robust Etsy SEO match listings, use keyword titles, tags, attributes, and categories. This results in increased visibility.  Another tool that can help is keyword rank tracker by

Optimize and use the available tags

Etsy allows you to use 13 tags in item descriptions, and since each tag has a space of 20 characters, it's necessary to think beyond your existing and focus on long-tail keywords. Using synonyms, regional phrases, and multi-word phrases are encouraged in Etsy when building tags. However, intentional misspellings, repetitive tagging, pluralizing keywords, and multiple languages are discouraged by this platform. You can identify these tags, optimizing them, which allows your consumer to find a shop more easily, which improves your Etsy SEO.


External sites get inbound links to your store, and they are essential because they increase the search engine confidence in a given site. There are there different strategies of earning backlinks, and they are;

  • Getting social

When you share blogs and products of the items you sell on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media platforms, your likelihood of reaching new consumers who can backlink is increased. The consumers then come and shop at your store.

  • Building your blog

Blogs build your presence as an industry leader, increase the SEO score, expand your audience, and also help you to score quality backlinks. Having unique valuable content makes other links to your shop or other specific products.

  • Reaching out

Your products or shop should have a medium that features with them. These mediums include Instagram accounts, publications, and blogs. Incentivizing individuals to link to your site by allowing discounts or giving them sample items is the best method of reaching out to them.

Often update your Listings

Renewing existing Etsy listings boosts the site's search rankings. Additionally, more competitive words' increase search visibility. By giving your listing an extra boost in periods of high consumer activity – holidays – you could increase the number of consumers who see your listings.

Run Etsy Ads for Your Shop

Running Etsy ads helps get to more audiences than word-of-mouth advertising, and at the same time, it conveniently boosts the Etsy SEO. Paid advertising further increases the search reach. To maintain the top position for a product, you pay per click for the item.


Visibility on Etsy accounts to everything. Giving your products a chance to be found is the best you can do for your Etsy shop. Enacting the above strategies as you build your Etsy SEO is an essential marketing strategy.


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Joel House is the founder of SEO Sydney. Having helped hundreds of businesses in Sydney and around the world. Joel House has the reputation and experience that you need to take your business to the next level.

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