What is Outstand.com and How to Use it for Your Business


What is Outstand.com and How to Use it for Your BusinessOutstand.com is a CRM suite that contains all the tools needed to effectively nurture relationships with leads and conduct automated email campaigns. With Outstand, you can follow-up with prospects and use e-mail to foster continuous communications with them.

How Outstand Helps You Build Relationships

Email is known as a powerful tool for creating and maintaining relationships with prospects. Yet, many marketers aren’t using email effectively. Nearly half of all marketers give up after 1 follow-up email, despite the fact that it takes multiple follow-ups to garner the attention of a prospect.

A simple follow-up can catch a prospect during an important stage in their buyer’s journey. More importantly, customers begin to trust your business. This developing relationship can lead to a sale, and develop greater brand loyalty and repeat business.

Outstand provides you with several tools designed to retain prospects as you build rapport with them. Let’s take a look at the ways Outstand can benefit your CRM:

Attractive Emails

A plain text email with no pictures may not catch the eye of prospects nor is it likely to be memorable. With the average inbox being full of newsletters and emails, your emails need to be distinctive. Outstand offers templates for well-groomed, attractively designed emails. You can create branded emails that polish your message and increase the chance your emails get opened.

Email Tracking

4 out of 5 marketers report that their emails don’t even reach a 20% open rate. Knowing what email has been opened offers valuable information regarding which kind of copy, subject line or image is successful. Outstand’s email tracking software shows who opened your emails and when they did so, allowing you to choose which prospects to target.

Connect With Different Mediums

Email is a primary means of communication. But it’s not the only one. Outstand offers two additional means of following up with leads – text and cards. Text messaging is often a convenient way of connecting with leads in an increasingly mobile society. As a person’s phone is often in their hands, texts can deliver your messages to prospects quickly, making them more likely to respond.

Sending a card may seem old-fashioned and quaint. However, printed cards are a great way to make customers and prospects both feel appreciated with a personalized message.

Outstand is a powerful suite that dynamically connects businesses with their prospects. Don’t miss out on closing a deal. With Outstand, you can follow-up with leads and build lasting relationships with customers.

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