What Is NewRetirement? Everything You Need To Know

What Is NewRetirement? Everything You Need To Know

Navigating the path to retirement is an intricate dance of financial decisions. Understanding  Social Security, medical expenses, and even your real estate plays a pivotal role. With the varied retirement ages, many are often left pondering how to stitch together their financial accounts, estate planning, and retirement goals.  NewRetirement is a financial planning tool designed to offer clarity to these complexities. But what is NewRetirement exactly? With its vast range of features, from budgeting tools to retirement calculators, NewRetirement aims to provide a complete picture.

Integrating your bank accounts, investment assets, and even real estate purchases suddenly becomes simple.  If you're seeking personalized advice, the availability of financial planners and advisory services guarantees that a financial advisor is just a click away.

So, whether you’re just beginning to plan for retirement or recalibrating your retirement plans, NewRetirement is worth considering. Continue reading this NewRetirement review to discover if it aligns with your financial goals and retirement strategy.

What is NewRetirement?

Founded in 2005 by brothers Stephen and Tim Chen, NewRetirement is based in San Leandro, CA. Their mission was clear from the start: to offer a comprehensive approach to retirement, recognizing that it involves more than just savings and investments.

Proudly holding an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau since its inception, NewRetirement has solidified its reputation for reliability. Today, over 200,000 members utilize the platform in pursuit of financial stability.

The website offers both free and premium tools tailored for retirement planning. Users can explore a plethora of calculators, engage in numerous "what if" scenarios, and even seek guidance from certified financial experts to address their retirement-related concerns.

NewRetirement Features

  • Dashboard: Your central hub for reviewing retirement health, showcasing income scores, retirement goal progress, and a balance between income and expenses with added coaching tips.
  • Retirement Planner: A comprehensive tool to evaluate your retirement trajectory. Input your financial details to gauge if you're on track and adjust factors like accounts, assets, debts, income, and health costs.
  • Insight Library: A collection of tools for retirement projections. Access features like lifetime retirement projection, cash flow forecasting, savings estimations, and net worth analysis.
  • Scenario Runner: Test various retirement planning scenarios, from relocating to trying different financial strategies.
  • Real-time Watchtower: Continuously monitor your net worth and retirement planning progress.
  • Resource & Support Hub: Access coaching, classes, and groups for retirement planning. Those opting for PlannerPlus Academy can delve deeper into specialized retirement planning classes.
  • Robo-advisory Nook: Receive personalized recommendations, spot potential errors, and identify optimization opportunities in your retirement plan.
  • Calculator Suite: Tools Roth Conversion calculator, and Lifetime Annuity estimator to aid in your planning.
  • Chat Helpline: Get instant assistance and answers your questions with their chat support feature.

NewRetirement Plans & Pricing

The Planner is NewRetirement's free option, allowing users to outline their retirement plans quickly. Within just 5-10 minutes, you can obtain an analysis of your retirement by filling out a conversational intake form.

PlannerPlus, priced at $96 annually, builds on the free plan's offerings. It provides enhanced features like detailed charting, budgeting, tax modeling, and expert assistance. Users can try it with a 14-day risk-free trial, allowing them to take it for a test drive before any commitment.

For those looking for even more features, PlannerPlus Academy at $270/year offers in-depth live classes, access to all recorded sessions, and prioritized product support.

Additionally, NewRetirement offers personalized services. The Live Session, available from $150, allows users to work directly with a coach to refine their financial plan and strategies. For a more detailed consultation, the Advisor Session starts at $999, giving users access to a Certified Financial Planner for tailored retirement advice. It's transparent with its fees, ensuring no hidden asset-under-management costs.

Who is NewRetirement Best For?

NewRetirement has a wide reach, catering to the needs of various users. Those nearing their golden years can lean on the platform’s comprehensive toolset to polish their retirement game plan, ensuring they’re set for a relaxed post-work phase. For the hands-on types who enjoy DIY planning, its user-friendly tools and scenario analysis are appreciated.

Individuals with an eye on early retirement will find the platform invaluable, as it models different scenarios, accounting for elements like tax consequences and fluctuating expenses. Simply put, whether you're just looking for basic retirement guidance or more detailed planning, NewRetirement has you covered.

Final Thoughts

NewRetirement isn't just a robust tool; it's an ally in your journey to mastering personal finances. With features ranging from monitoring monthly expenses to understanding income vs. expense dynamics, it's designed to give you a complete picture.

With advisory services that encompass everything from estate planning to wealth management services, NewRetirement ensures your financial plan is well-rounded. Managing cash flows, investment assets, or even basic questions about mortgage payments can become intuitive with this comprehensive retirement planning tool.

So, when posed with the question, "What is NewRetirement?" Think of it as your sophisticated companion in ensuring a balanced monthly retirement income. Ready to take charge? Click here to start your way on a more informed retirement journey.

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