What Are The Latest Trends In Web Design?

Latest Trend In Web Design

Countless businesses have turned to e-commerce to elevate their marketing strategies and explore new possibilities with a touch of a finger. As such, many have depended on building and improving their respective websites to offer the best user experience possible! However, nowadays businesses must also look at trends in web design.

Aside from this, companies should also look into several boggling website statistics that they could keep in mind before creating their product or service's website on a whim.

Once that's been taken care of, they could then move forward to the website design. According to Taylor & Francis Online, it only requires roughly 0.05 seconds for a visitor to decide if they're going to leave or stay on the site.

A sci-fi future within reach

Numerous advancements in technology gave birth to the emergence of various trends in web design. Now, website designers combine elements from ordinary life into the digital world. Thereby opening the doors to a new height of realism.

Yet, there are several designs that we think stands out from the rest, mainly:

Progressive profiling forms

In general, the crucial step in converting your website visitors into customers is to give them a worthy reason to stop by your page in the first place. This is known to be a marketing tactic called lead generation.

Given that there is no standard technique in encouraging people to visit a site, your business must develop a custom strategy with the help of forms. As a result, these forms transcribe the wants and needs of your target market. You can then utilize these to promote your brand's products and services.

However, people don't usually like filling up time-consuming forms. Thereby, it's likely that they'll snub your request to receive their information. Fortunately, you can mend this by integrating progressive or dynamic form into the site's CRM tool. This is known as the landing page. Use this with other display fields on the lead's user journey.

As a rule of thumb, it'll be a wrong move to show up many fields or ask several questions at a particular time. But, you could fix this concern by adjusting your form's fields based on previous data from the leads. Hence, you could opt to request the following information instead:

  • Name of the company
  • Their email address
  • Their phone number
  • Job position/title
  • Size of the company
  • Company revenue

Ideally, your CRM tool, like HubSpot, praised for being excellent in storing the leads' information, could recognize when the lead has previously visited the page. Therefore, it only displays the form fields that are unknown about the contact.

An edge using Neumorphism

Neumorphism trends in web design saw outstanding traction back in 2020. They promised the age of paradoxical minimalism realism.

The design was inspired by the initial Skeuomorphism. This approach incorporates the renderings of outdated yet familiar materials in creating the current patterns. Later on, the emergence of flat design succeeded the popularity of the first approach. So, the trend of integrating less realistic but simplified colors and icons has made its way to the digital world.

The uniformity and easier identification of this style encouraged the creation of Neumorphism. However, the main objective is to blend the selective drop shadows' physicality while mimicking the latter's semi-flat and overlaid colors.

The design was often referred to as having a resemblance to digital debossing or embossing. More importantly, Neumorphism allowed the designers to reclaim a tactile experience that got drowned when the digital world preferred flat designs. In turn, it intensifies the visitor's connection to the website design he's interacting with.

Digital product interpretations

In many companies, products are at the heart of their websites. Those that evoke inspiration from their literal design elements use digital interpretations of their physical media, mixed with tons of creativity.

Of course, this could take on various forms. Such as, cropping images in rounded rectangles to appear as a smartphone. Or, a nail polish color smeared across the display page. With this method, the business can convey a visual synergy between the website and its products. Thus, making the site pages feel more authentic.


Though these examples may seem like a lot, in truth, these are just a few of the endless possibilities and trends in web design. Consider hiring a professional website design agency to implement these features for your business. Apart from these styles, you could even encounter other slews of eye-catching, bright, and clean designs as you explore different web pages.

Mix them with video content and animation to enhance the user's experience further. Nonetheless, we all could conclude that with the continuous digital developments, we're still in for a surprise for new and exciting design approaches from genius creatives around the globe!

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