What Are Sales Funnels and How to Use Them

What Are Sales Funnels and How to Use Them

A ‘sales funnel’ is a marketing term used to explain the journey a customer goes through on the way to their purchase. In a sales funnel, there are several steps, the top, the middle, and the bottom. These steps, however, vary depending on what a company’s sales model is. Missing a sale can be devastating, especially after weeks [or even months] of pitches, conversation, and wit. Improving your sales funnel ensures that this doesn’t happen. If you are constantly losing sales, then your funnel may be more like a colander than a funnel.

This page will hope to tell you what a sales funnel is [in detail] and how you can use them to improve your business. With the use of this page, you will never have a problem with your sales funnel again, and you will be able to thoroughly understand every aspect of the funnel process.

So, what are sales funnels, and how do we use them?

The Sales Funnel

The sales funnel, as explained in the introduction, is a term used to describe the journey a customer embarks upon from the start of the buying process, until the end [when they buy or do not buy]. Sales funnels help you to understand what your potential customers may be thinking and doing during each and every stage of the purchasing process. Having this knowledge allows you to invest time and effort into the right stages and marketing channels. Thereby ensuring your would-be customers are more likely to become actual customers. Sales funnels are used by most businesses, small and large. They can be used to great effect and can enable you to predict more or less everything that is going on with your customers, allowing you to act fast and decisively.

Stages of the Funnel

There are several funnel stages, but this can be subjective to the business using the funnel. Generally, however, there are just three. The stages of the funnel are designed around the customer. The start of the funnel is when the customer or consumer hears about your product or service, or according to the marketing specialists of when your customer gets to know you. Secondly is their interest and intrigue, and the third is when they buy the product. The journey through the funnel can change from one person to another. But in the end, they will evaluate the product based on their interest, so the outcome will usually be the same.

Creating a Sales Funnel

In order to create a sales funnel, you need to find customers to move through your funnel. Once you have found customers, you can track their behavior and engagement using lead scoring services to identify where they are in the funnel at any given time. Collaborating with a sales funnel specialist can enhance your funnel's efficiency by optimizing each stage for maximum conversion rates and customer retention. Here are a few steps to creating a sales funnel:

What Are Sales Funnels


The first step toward creating a sales funnel is to build a website for your business or brand. Your website will be the first place prospective customers get to learn about your company and get to know you. Your front page should communicate who you are, what you offer, and why your services are superior to other businesses like yours.

Offer Prospective Customers Something

Once they have visited your website, you need to offer them something in exchange for their email address. The promise of promotional offers or vouchers is a good way to get their email addresses and add them to your list.


Once you have their email addresses, they will immediately move on from the first stage to the second. You can now send them promotions and deals direct to email, making the buying process much easier and more likely.


As your prospective customers edge nearer and nearer to the decision stage, you will want to offer them more and more things that will nudge them into making the final decision to buy from your business. This could be free promotional products, demos, trials, or discounts. Upselling is a fantastic way to secure them and reel them in.


It is important that you maintain this if they do not buy it immediately. Some people may take more time than others, but by virtue of inputting their email addresses, you can rest assured they are somewhat interested. You must consistently apply pressure and continue in your selling campaign so that you can ensure they do eventually opt into your strategy and buy from you. Once you have them, treat them well, and you will have a customer for life.

Now, with the help of this page, you know more or less everything there is to know about a sales funnel, and how to draw customers into one. Sales funnels are a great marketing technique and can be of good use. Use them wisely.

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