How to Make a Funnel: Building an Effective Sales Funnel

Effective Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is an important part of the buying process and a business that understands and utilizes it can maximize its revenue by leading people through the sales funnel. Many businesses don’t know how to make an effective sales funnel for their company.

Without it, you can’t identify your customers and develop ways to help motivate them from beginning interest to final conversion. Sales funnels are the journey your customers take from when they first need your product or service to when they finally take the plunge to purchase your product.

We’ll show you how to build a funnel and use it to grow your sales.

How to Make a Funnel: Start at the Top

The top of the funnel is also your largest potential customer base. These are all the people that have an interest in your product but are still just starting out the buying process. They’re not anywhere near buying but looking for information.

This could be seeking out information about their problem, see what products and services are available, etc. How do you build your top funnel?

Web content is one of the best ways to build your top funnel. Have blog posts that answer common questions and provide trustworthy information. Google will rank you well and customers visit your website and you’ll be top of mind. You can learn more about funnel with special training with the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Cultivate Your Middle Funnel Customers

You’ll have your biggest drop-offs at the top of the funnel. They’ll decide they don’t need your service, or they’ll postpone it for another time. They might come back again later, but for now, they've dropped out of the funnel.

The middle of the funnel looked at your information and like what they saw. They have come back to get more in-depth information, get specific instead of general information, etc. Once again, the key to building the middle funnel is information.

Have a newsletter signup form on your site so you can add them to your email list. You can stay at the top of their minds by showing them sales emails and giving them newsletters with useful information.

Create white papers for them to download or eBooks that delve deeper into your products and services.

Reel Them in at the Bottom Funnel

When a customer reaches the bottom of the funnel, they’re close to deciding. They want estimates on cost and specific information about your company. You can connect with them via email directly to answer their questions.

Offer them special deals via email and close the deal by providing personal customer service. A company that treats customers well earn their repeat business. These customers are ready to buy, and you just must push them over the edge.

Engage at All Levels of Sales Funnel

While everyone wants to get the sale in the final part of the funnel, you must work from the top down if you want to reliably gain sales and repeat customers. You know how to make a funnel, so it’s time to put it to use.

For more information about effective sales funnels, please explore our site.

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