Four Ways Animation Can Be Used for Marketing

Four Ways Animation Can Be Used for Marketing

The world of animation is only now becoming a little mainstream, trickling into businesses when it was once the preserve of the imaginative artists in film studios across the globe. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of companies interested in using animation for their marketing materials, and it’s no wonder, considering the benefits it can have for your brand and its visibility. Read on to discover four of the fundamental ways in which you can use animation to market your brand in ever-more impressive and effective ways in 2020 and beyond.

Video Marketing

The primary – but by no means sole – use of digital animation is in the video marketing sector. It’s here that you will be able to create enhanced, exciting, and modern-looking videos to share across all of your platforms. Your website, your social media accounts, your LinkedIn, and your YouTube channel, can all benefit from a video that’s been embellished with incredible animation. 

With videos being a hit, especially with the younger generation, it’s time to think about how to make yours cut through the noise, bringing something new and exciting to your customers. Often, this will take the form of animation, giving your brand the edge in a crowded and sometimes banal video marketing space. Use these technologies to improve your brand image when video marketing. 


You can also use animations as discrete images that are dotted throughout your site in order to add a little movement and excitement to the web pages that you maintain and share with customers. These animations are simple for animation studios in London to make and look professional and enticing to your customers. 

The most effective place on your website to use on-brand yet straightforward animations is on your home page, where customers, will scroll down to find something visually pleasing – perhaps an animated GIF file that explains something about your brand, your processes, or your mission – as they learn more about your company. This is an excellent modern use of animations for business.

Repurpose and Republish

Thirdly, you’re going to be able to use the animations that you’ve already created – in their raw form on software such as Adobe’s suites – in future marketing materials. In this sense, organizing animations for use in your branding is the gift that keeps on giving, enabling you to readily deploy different motion graphics and animations across your brand in order to maintain messaging synergy and brand conformity.

The return on investment for animations in marketing improves with the number of times that you reuse or republish your animations, and even if you’re looking to tweak your animations in the future, it helps a great deal to have those initial files to send back to the animator, which they’ll use as a basis for their future work. 

Email Marketing

People tend to send marketing newsletters straight into their spam folders in the modern era. And who can blame them, with hundreds of thousands of lines of text arriving in inboxes across the country over the course of a day. So if you’re nonetheless keen to get in touch with your customers, you need to find a way to offer something unique for them to latch onto. 

There’s no doubt that a short animation – either embedded within a video or as its own file sat within your email template – can offer this stimulation. It needn’t be anything too flashy, just a sign that you’re trying to engage your customers, you’re not taking them for granted, and you want to entertain them as well as inform them.

With these four reasons under your belt, you’ll be able to plan your animations to use within your marketing team in order to draw attention to your brand. 


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