Use Your Master’s in Marketing to Secure In-Demand Jobs

Use Your Master’s in Marketing to Secure In-Demand Jobs

If you have a strong interest in marketing and wish to pursue this as a career, you might be considering taking an online master’s degree. This can teach you more about brand storytelling, digital campaign creation, web and social analytics, and customer behavior and insights.

Taking further education can be a big step and for many, it can be expensive too. However, you can improve your job prospects after graduating. To help you decide if this is the right step for you, here are some of the most in-demand marketing jobs in 2022.

Data analysts

Your Online Master’s in Marketing can provide you with insight and analytical skills when it comes to statistics, particularly if you study web analytics as part of your degree. Studying through a repayable college such as Emerson will show employers the value of your qualification. Although this isn't specifically aimed at becoming a data analyst, it can help if you already have a firm grasp of mathematics.

Because of these skills, data analysts are an important part of any business. An employer may be more likely to employ you and provide any additional training you require if they see that you already have a strong understanding of the most important aspects of working with data.

If you plan on pursuing a career as a data analyst, you can tailor your qualifications with Emerson College to specialize in marketing analytics. This will help you understand modern analytic tools to create more effective marketing campaigns, and gain insights into how campaigns have performed. This is useful knowledge to have as a data analyst.

Leadership roles

Leadership roles in marketing are also in demand. Although more people are working in entry-level roles, marketing leaders are required to help create and implement marketing strategies and oversee those who work below them.

A master’s in marketing can be a good start towards pursuing a career in a leadership role. Although you are more likely to start a little further down the career ladder, your qualification can get you in the door and as you build up your experience, you can pursue leadership roles such as marketing director, digital manager, and email marketing manager.

Although not all marketers have qualifications related to their career, having a master’s in marketing can make you stand out after you have secured a role with an organization and worked there for some time when leadership roles become available. So, it can work in your favor to have a qualification.

SEO specialists

SEO specialists are valuable to businesses because those with a lot of knowledge and experience can optimize content. Thus, allowing them to increase traffic and sales through this content. With so many competing businesses and a few high-profile organizations that seem to attract a high number of customers, smaller businesses struggle to compete unless they can be easily found in search engines.

They are unlikely to have the budget to pay for their content to be pinned to the top of search results. Instead, they must rely on doing this organically (unpaid) by using the right keywords.

Your qualification can help you with this role, as it will give you a better understanding of how marketing works and make it easier to understand SEO for this career path.


Copywriters are needed more than ever in 2022. So many people quit their jobs during or after the pandemic, and many more lost their jobs. So, there has been a rise in the number of new businesses, as more people decide to work for themselves.

These businesses need content to promote their products and services. Using copywriters is one of the most common ways to do this.

Your qualification in marketing can give you important insights into creating content. Especially content that sells products, increases traffic, and builds a following. Many copywriters have successful careers with no official qualifications. However, your master’s in marketing will give you more options if you pursue this as a career.

You can work as a freelancer and secure clients by using your qualification alongside any experience you gain to help you stand out from other copywriters. You can do the same when applying for a contract role within a company. Although there is a high demand for copywriters, there are strict criteria for better-paid roles. Therefore, anything that makes you stand out is a good thing.

Marketing associates

Marketing associates are also needed. Some of the tasks in this role include:

  • Collecting data on marketing campaigns.
  • Researching and keeping up to date with new marketing trends.
  • Event planning.
  • Working with other marketing professionals or alone, to create blog posts, videos, or PowerPoint presentations.
  • Maintaining social media accounts by updating these with new content or responding to followers.

Although working as a marketing associate can vary from one company to another, your degree is likely to prepare you for the tasks involved.

You will often need to be familiar with digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics. Specializing in web analytics in your marketing degree will ensure you have adequate knowledge of this and other digital tools. You will also learn how to spot patterns in viewing behaviors. This allows you to see where the biggest group of your audience is likely to see your content. This can help with targeted paid advertising. When money is involved, businesses cannot afford to spend on advertising which fails to reach the right audience.

You can improve your chances of gaining these marketing roles by obtaining a qualification in marketing. Even if these roles do not specify that the applicant should have a master’s or similar degree, it can help. There may still be a lot of applicants applying for these roles. But, not all will match what the employer is looking for. If you graduate with a qualification in marketing, you will stand a better chance of getting the job.

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