How to Use Board Booster to Ramp Up Your Pinterest Game

How to Use Board Booster to Ramp Up Your Pinterest Game-315There's no denying the traffic potential for your website that can come from Pinterest. Many business-to-consumer businesses report that Pinterest is one of their top traffic referrers. You can see similar results if you use the platform correctly.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your Pinterest is simply to pin, and pin a lot and consistently. Spending time on Pinterest every day isn't conducive to a busy business owner, which is why there are tools like Board Booster.

What is Board Booster?

Board Booster is an online web software that can help automate your pinning so you're still pinning regularly without putting in the individual effort of everyday pinning.

How does Board Booster work?

Board Booster has several techniques for automating your pinning. Work on your Pinterest account when you have the time and schedule your own pins and pins from other websites to post over the course of a week or so.

Scheduling pins is a great strategy because it allows you to save hundreds of pins at once, but will share them with your followers over time. This is extremely helpful because you increase the possibility that many users will see your pins over time, rather than a handful seeing all of your pins at once.


Board Booster also has a feature called Campaigns, which allows you to create a single pin that will get repinned multiple times over a few days, weeks or even months. This is a great way to share your own pins (i.e, your blog posts, content extras, infographics, quote graphics, etc.) over and over again to your boards and increase their reach and engagement rate.

There are two types of Campaigns: scheduled and random. In a scheduled campaign, you pick the pins that are sent out multiple times during the course of your campaign. In a random campaign (which is great for bloggers who don't have many web pages except their blog posts, but not great for websites with lots of pages that aren't Pinterest-friendly), you choose the URL (i.e., your website) and the campaign pulls random links from that source.


A third feature that can really increase your website traffic is Looping. Board Booster's Looping tool allows you to revive old pins that you saved before new users followed you. Old blog posts and website links that are helpful but buried deep down in your old boards will be reshared. Effectively put in front of your new followers.

Is Board Booster worth the investment?

Your business should be using the power of Pinterest. Board Booster can help you ramp up your Pinterest game. Also, it's extremely affordable when compared to its competitors. Use tools like Board Booster to help you to grow your Pinterest followers. Therefore increasing the number of people who see your pins and click-through to your website. This increases the potential of becoming paying customers. And that makes the tool 100% worth it in my book.


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