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StockMarketEye gives you the power to easily track your portfolio and stay on top of your investments. You'll gain valuable insights into your performance and have a true bird's eye view of your holdings. You are able to get a complete picture of your entire portfolio in one glance, view all your holdings across all brokerage accounts and currencies, and see real-time updates including market prices and exchange rate updates, so you always have accurate values for your portfolio. All this plus easy import options of your data.

Let’s dive into StockMarketEye in more detail.

Portfolio Management

Track unlimited investments in one place with StockMarketEye’s intuitive portfolio management features. Import data automatically from your brokerage accounts, monitor holdings and transactions, and get a comprehensive view of your entire portfolio.

Automatic Data Import

StockMarketEye makes it simple to import your portfolio data. You have multiple options:

  • Direct and Advanced Brokerage Import - Connect StockMarketEye directly to your brokerage accounts (over 2000 brokerages supported). With the click of a button, data can be imported automatically whenever there is an update, otherwise, you can manually update details as needed.
  • CSV Import (among others) - You can import a CSV file with your portfolio data. Simply export a CSV from your broker and import it into StockMarketEye. Users can also import from QIF and other financial tools with OFX/QFX.
  • Manual Entry - You can also manually add holdings, transactions, cash balances, and dividend payments if needed.

All your imported data will automatically update market prices in real-time so you always have an accurate view of your portfolio's value. Automatic import saves you time and effort managing spreadsheets.

Portfolio Reports

Generate in-depth reports that analyze the performance of your portfolio over time. You can also easily export reports to CSV or PDF to share with your financial advisor for tax purposes. The insights you gain will help you make more informed investment decisions.


Create and manage multiple watchlists to stay on top of the markets. Use watchlists to group stocks by sector, industry, or strategy. Get a snapshot of the performance of your key areas of focus.

Stock Chart Comparison Tool

StockMarketEye's stock chart comparison tool allows investors to gain valuable insights by putting a stock's historical performance in context. Visualizing data through charts makes trends and movements easy to identify, helping investors like yourself anticipate future price actions. With StockMarketEye, you can:

  • View individual stock charts to examine a stock's past performance
  • Compare two stock charts side-by-side to see how one has performed relative to the other
  • Use any stock, index or ETF as a comparison benchmark
  • Compare your portfolio's value chart against an index or benchmark for a more in-depth evaluation of its performance
  • Add multiple comparison symbols to a single chart to simultaneously view and analyze multiple stocks

Stock Alerts

Never miss an opportunity again. StockMarketEye notifies you when stocks in your portfolio or watchlists make significant moves. Get alerts on price changes, news, and analyst updates so you can act fast.

Easy-to-Use Interface

StockMarketEye prides itself on simplicity. The interface is clean and intuitive with a minimal learning curve. You can be up and running in minutes tracking the investments that matter most to you.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

Access your portfolio from any device. The desktop software and mobile app work seamlessly together. Get real-time alerts on your phone when the market is open.

This comprehensive overview covers how StockMarketEye helps investors gain complete visibility into their portfolios through easy data import, real-time tracking features, and integrated tools to monitor performance and stay on top of markets. The ease of use, across desktop and mobile apps, enables investors to spend more time researching opportunities and less time managing spreadsheets. With the StockMarketEye hassle-free 14-day trial you can take a no-risk test drive today!

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