Top Office Fitness Challenge Apps for 2023

top office fitness challenge apps for 2022

According to the Harvard Business Review, employers who invest in employee wellness programs get an ROI of about 6-to-1. That’s some serious ROI. Typically, when employees are fit and healthy, there is higher morale and increased productivity in the workplace, which then improves the company’s profitability. In today’s mobile culture, one of the ways to promote employee wellness is through the use of office fitness challenge apps.

In this podcast vlog I'll outline the top office fitness challenge apps for 2023.

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Diving into the Top Office Fitness Challenge Apps

Here are the top office fitness challenge apps for 2023.

1. YuMuuv

Price: Starting from 1$ per user per month/challenge. More info here.

YuMuuv is a versatile team wellness platform designed for customizable activity and health challenges. Whether you're interested in hosting a step competition, a dietary goal challenge, or a meditation streak, YuMuuv has the tools to make it happen. Participants can track their progress, cheer on teammates, and view leaderboards to see how they rank.

The platform also supports fundraising options, so teams can raise money for a cause while achieving their wellness objectives. Simple to set up and user-friendly, YuMuuv makes promoting health and team spirit a breeze.

Yumuuv top wellness fitness Hi there. Sounds good. I approve.

2. MoveSpring

Pricing: $8 per user (one-time), $ 2 per user per month (billed annually)

MoveSpring offers various step challenges that can keep you and your colleagues highly engaged. For starters, there is the journey mode which allows you to experience a virtual, game-like map filled with adventures and fun surprises. There is also the target mode where you set goals as a group, such as the total distance, time, or steps to make before the challenge expires.

You can engage on an individual level or form groups and compete as teams. If you are working as a team, you could get everyone motivated by setting a fundraiser target for the group and then donate the money to charity when you hit that target.

Top Office Fitness Challenge Apps for 2022 3. Map My Run

Pricing: Free version, $ 5.99 per month, $29.99 per year

Upon hearing the name, you may think this app is all about running. But in reality, Map my run includes challenges for a wide range of activities, including walking, cycling, swimming, gym workouts, and yoga.

You can set up a challenge for your company and divide yourself into groups that will compete against each other. The team goals will depend on the challenge you have set but can be in the lines of ‘best workout time,’ ‘most distance,’ ‘best swimming time,’ ‘most wins,’ and so on. This app is fantastic for people who are serious about competing (and winning!).

4. Empower by Charity Miles

Pricing: Free

Empower by Charity Miles motivates individuals and teams to walk or run for charity by tracking miles walked or run and turning them into donations from corporate sponsors. The app lets you select a charity from a list of more than 40 organizations as well as join a company group for corporate tracking. These include The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America; The Nature Conservancy; ASPCA and Alzheimer's Association.

With Charity Miles, you can track your progress towards new distances and even earn points for every mile you complete. The app also connects with several fitness trackers, including Fitbit and Garmin, so you don't have to manually enter your data each time. You can even share your progress with co-workers and friends to keep updated on friendly competitions!

office fitness challenge apps

5. inKin’s Corporate Wellness App

Pricing: Free version, $2 per user per month (billed annually)

inKin’s Corporate Wellness App incorporates several fitness challenges that you can try. These include sleep challenges, team battles, water challenges, competitions, and group challenges.

This app may be a solid choice for a group of people who want to try different things. Everyone will have a specific challenge that works out best for them. Besides, it is compatible with most devices. You can track your wellness data from different devices to keep abreast of your progress and where you need to improve.

6. Strava

Pricing: Free Version or Full Featured $5.00 per month (billed annually) per user

Strava is primarily a fitness-tracking app for cyclists, swimmers, and runners who want to compete. You can compete against yourself or other people who have biked, swam, and run in the same routes you are using.

The app records the places you go and your speed using the GPS on your phone or a connected device like a fitness tracker or running watch. It then analyzes your data and compares it against everyone’s to be able to rank you.

Additionally, you can connect with a community for additional motivation, routines, routes, trails, and sharing pictures. It is a great app if you are looking to ditch the sedentary lifestyle and be more active.

In a Nutshell

These are some of the best office fitness challenge apps out there. Using the right app will motivate you and your team to join the fitness program leading to a fit and healthier workforce. Eventually, this will be great for your bottom line.

Take Action!

Ok, that's a quick overview.  Which ones stood out to you?  Go over and view their sites and apps.  This can help get your team moving and benefit your ROI along the way.

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