Top Business Review Sources for Small Entrepreneurs (2021 Update)

Top Business Review Sources for Small Entrepreneurs (2021 Update)

Nowadays, business review sources play a very critical role in the decision-making process of the customer. People will just read reviews about the organization to buy something rather than visit the company in person or even check their site. In fact, different surveys have shown that more than 93 percent of the customers read online reviews before they buy any goods or services.

Now you must be wondering where you would find the top business review sources for small entrepreneurs. Don't worry, in this article, we are going to shed light on some of the top business review sources for small entrepreneurs. These are authentic and can help you improve your business performance.

Rundown of the Top Business Review Sources

    Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free and crucial tool for businesses that want to maintain their online presence on Google. To register a business on GMB, people must verify all the necessary information about the business. After registering, it puts the business data on search, Maps, and Google+. Thereby helping people find your business easily. Moreover, it can also help you get a better ranking at different search results.

Customer reviews about the business are present in the search section. This is considered the most important and essential for all businesses. On GMB, people can give reviews for any business easily, with less friction involved. If we talk about traffic numbers, Google My Business in the US gets about 158.03 million visits per month.

    Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon is one of the oldest online platforms that allow its customers to give reviews on all products (since 1995). Still, it is considered the most important and modern review source. Many people use Amazon to make an informed decision about purchasing goods and services. For instance, if people are not buying anything from Amazon, they still check if the product is there and read its review before purchasing.

On Amazon, customers can give reviews by stars or give a post review on the product page. In the end, every customer review helps small businesses generate new sales. Thereby helping to build good credibility among the people.


Facebook is no longer just about creating profiles and getting in touch with your friends, family. It can also work as a platform for different businesses to increase their consumer interaction with the brand itself. Organizations can create a business page and let the customers give them reviews based on their experience.

The best thing about Facebook is that it allows the users to give reviews in a friction-less process. For instance, people do not have to create different logins to leave a review. They simply give a review on the profile of the business from the account they already have. Whereas, if we talk about other business review sources, they often need unique logins from their customers.


Yelp is an online platform that allows users to give reviews on different businesses and rate them on the basis of a five-star scale. Yelp is best for small entrepreneurs as it's free. An additional bonus is that people can create their own profiles to give reviews on any good or service.

On Yelp, businesses can respond to the reviews they are getting. We will advise you to deal with them politely and not hit at the negative reviews. This is because the community of Yelp is very strong and could affect your reputation. Moreover, if we talk about Yelp's popularity among the customer, the site has a total of 102 million reviews so far. Fascinating right!


Trustpilot is Denmark based consumer review platform. It helps different businesses around the world collect customer reviews about their products and services. The community of Trustpilot is growing fast and as of now, it is expanded out of Europe into 65 countries.

Customers can write both product and seller reviews on the Trustpilot platform. Therefore it third-party verified. Moreover, Trustpilot has two versions. First is the free basic version which allows the users to create just a profile and see different customer reviews. In comparison, the other version is paid, which allows the users to create customizable review invitations, reviews on social media, and other amazing things.

Reasons why reviews are essential on review sources

Reviews are one of the best things for business growth because they can take any business to new heights. But with negative reviews, can also shove a business in the ground as well. Here we are going to look at different reasons why customer reviews are important on review sources for business.

    Improve the online reputation of the business and get more customers

Ignoring online reviews can turn out to be a massive mistake. This is because reviews build your reputation among customers. There is no doubt that your business can have negative reviews about how you are managing your company, but the way you handle those reviews can help you build a good reputation in the market. Some businesses do not participate in activities that can help shape the conversation about the company, and that is their biggest mistake.

The most important benefit of getting reviews is that you can develop more customers from that. As we know, more than 85 percent of consumers read about ten reviews before buying something. So, it is important that you don't ignore any online reviews. To give you an example, you can check Softorino- an mp3 to iPhone converter software- and see how reviews have helped them get more customers and build a good reputation among consumers.

    Improve performance 

Positive reviews are well and good because they overwhelm your heart, but the negative comments are important ones as they help you look at the things that you have to work on. As we know, there is always room for improvement, so try to learn something from the negative reviews and grow your business.

Final Verdict

The internet world has given every customer the power to build or break any business's reputation by just leaving feedback or review on any online platform.

It is time that the small entrepreneurs should start caring about what customers have to say about their business and how they can build a good reputation among them. Before you go, our last tip would be that you should respond to customers' reviews because it shows them that you care about your customers.


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