Top 8 Ways to Show Your Gratitude to Your Employees

8 ways to show gratitude to your employees

Something as simple as showing gratitude can seem necessary on paper, and yet plenty of people don’t quite have this mastered. Some people have trouble showing any form of appreciation to people. Others forget to express gratitude sometimes. In some cases, there are social niceties that people don’t know that require an unspoken rule.

Like, in this case, how employers should learn how to be professional when it comes to expressing gratitude to their employees.

Learning how to show gratitude to your employees in the right way is essential to the growth of your closeness with your employees. Although you don’t need to consider each other as a super close family to avoid any gray area that can be confusing, it’s still essential that you value expressions of gratitude.

However, why is employee appreciation significant in the first place?

Why employee appreciation matter?

It is an outdated belief to think of it like your employees should be automatically grateful to you because you’re giving them a job in the first place. Not only is that a tad cruel, but it is also careless. This means that you aren’t aware of how much your employees are contributing to the operations of your company.

Showing employee appreciation will make them more loyal to your company. This will make them work better and create outputs with higher quality. If they feel like their place and opinions in the workplace matter, then they won’t think about quitting.

Some people value more than just the salary in the workplace that they work at. Therefore, if you create a company culture that is selective but giving off appreciation, then you may find that your employees will stand by your back as your organization grows.

Now that you know the importance of making gratitude a second-nature thing for you as a leader in the workplace, it’s time for you to learn the different ways you can show appreciation.

Here are eight simple ways you can show your gratitude to your employees that they will appreciate.

1. Recognize their work

One of the most basic ways you can show appreciation for your employees is by recognizing the work that they do. You shouldn’t overdo the platitudes and use it to soften criticism. It would help if you struck a balance between creating actionable critiques and advice to receiving well-earned recognition from a good job done.

It would be best if you also encouraged your employees to express appreciation to one another. This will help foster a work environment that is encouraging and supportive. Plus, people now know that they are seen and that they aren’t a mechanical tool that is producing work consistently. They matter, and that’s always motivating no matter who you are.

2. Know their interests

Getting to know your employees outside of the work that they do is useful, and an appreciated touch. The least you should know about your employees are their interests and hobbies outside of work. That way, you can connect with them on a more human level.

Too often, people are carried away by the comings and goings of life that they forget to be present and in the moment with one another. Having a common interest or learning something new about people is an excellent way of being in the moment.

Once you know the interests of your employees, you can check up on them again and again about it. It shows that you do listen and that you are a leader that has compassion for the people that work with them.

3. Look after their wellness

According to Maid Sailors office cleaning service NYC, a healthy workplace is an understated thing that most leaders aren’t actively thinking about when it comes to the wellness of their employees. If you don’t maintain your office to be clean and sanitized, then you’re going to breed germs and bacteria in your office.

Taking that extra step to get your office cleaned on the regular is essential. You should also set up specific policies to make it easier to clean your office.

Aside from the general cleanliness of the office, you can also create fitness programs, like Tuesday Yoga Nights, to encourage your employees to move around since they might be sitting at their desks all day.

4. Celebrate their birthdays

When it comes to office birthday celebrations, you should ask your employees first how comfortable they are with celebrating their birthdays or acknowledging their birthday in the office. This is because not everybody will feel comfortable about being the center of attention, even during their birthdays.

You can either treat your employee out to a meal or give them a cake that everyone in the office can have or at least their co-staff. If you want to make it unique, you can tell them that they’re free to take the day off on their birthday, as long as they don’t have a workload that’s pending.

5. Say “Thank you”

Saying thank you whenever your employee does something for you is a simple gesture, but it shows that you don’t take their actions for granted. Although they may be technically “under” you in terms of office hierarchy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t thank them for their work. This is especially crucial for when you’re asking them for favors.

Try and be more particular about your thank yous. For example, you can be specific about which part of them you appreciated so that your gratitude is a lot more sincere and not just a platitude.

6. Offer professional development opportunities

Gratitude for your employees doesn’t only come in the form of verbal messages or gifts. It can also come in the way of increasing the chances that your employees can have.

Investing in the growth of your employees is also an investment for your company. If you think an employee has a vast potential, then offering them professional development opportunities is the way to go.

It communicates to them that you respect them as a professional and are looking forward to seeing their career fly.

7. Spend time with them

Being out and about is something you might not be able to avoid if you’re higher up the corporate ladder. However, you should still try and dedicate some time to spend with your employees.

This will help your employees get to know you as well as them to you.

8. Create a trophy baton

A trophy baton is simply a trophy that you give your excellent performing employee of the week. The catch is they have to return it and give it to the next excellent performing employee of that week, but they have to add something to that trophy.

By the end of the year, your trophy will be stuck with all sorts of things commemorating a job well done by your employees.

Wrap Up

Showing gratitude isn’t a complicated task, but being creative with it, especially in the workplace setting, can present some challenges. Hopefully, the ways listed above will make the process a lot simpler and can make you more creative about giving and expressing gratitude to your employees.


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