6 Ways to Say Thanks for a Retweet


Let's keep it short and sweet, not quite 140 characters here in this blog but short for my posts nonetheless!

In the world of Twitter, retweets are a bit of a "badge of honor".  It means someone found your content to be valuable enough to want to share it.  It's one of the "ways of Twitter" that helps your content and Twitter username gain recognition and grow in exposure.

There is relational value in retweets, and so thinking through how you respond to them is something important to consider.

 6 Ideas on Saying Thank You for a Retweet

1. Follow the User

If they took the time to share your content, check their profile to see if they’re a good follow and then follow them!

2. Reciprocate with a RT

View the user’s Twitter profile and scan their timeline for good content to retweet. Then retweet a post of theirs! The “Retweet” button makes this pretty simple and easy to do!

3. Add the User to a List

Add the user to one of your relevant lists. For example, if they primarily post quality “LinkedIn tips” and you have a list for that, add them to your LinkedIn list.

4. Retweet the Retweet

Yes, you can retweet the retweet (that's a mouthful!)  Basically, you can retweet yourself.  Twitter does not allow posting the exact tweet more than once, so a retweet of a retweet is a way to recognize the user and also put quality content back into your stream.

5. Reply to the @Mention

Reply to a retweet with a conversational response about the post to show appreciation and invite further dialogue.  By using “reply” you enable other users to easily follow the conversation thread.

6. Create a Group Mention

List multiple users that retweeted the content and include a comment or thank you.

It's a social network, so be social!  Reciprocity helps you build social relationships.


Favorite the Retweet!  This is a little bonus tip.  By favoriting a retweet, you are expressing your thanks to that user.  Many users have notifications turned on, so my favoriting their retweet, it can be a further measure of expressing gratitude to the user.

6 ways to say thanks for a Retweet!

What about you, do you thank users for Retweets regularly?

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