Top 7 SMS Marketing Strategies That Will Drive Your Business Onward

SMS Marketing Strategies That Will Drive Your Business Onward

Typically, 95% of the global population owns a mobile phone that doesn't rely on internet connectivity to send text messages.  Businesses that want to penetrate any market segment are bound to leverage this technology and get the most out of it.  Moreover, 75% of consumers are okay with SMS marketing as a channel for receiving real-time brand updates. In this article, we highlight the top 7 SMS marketing strategies that will help drive sales in your business moving forward.

1. Give Customers an Option to Subscribe

It will help if you first collect subscribers for your SMS campaign list before leveraging text messages to drive general sales.  In other words, consumers should be able to opt-in, share their information, and accept SMS notifications from your brand.  You can harness SMS subscribers through email marketing campaigns, discounts at the check-out stage, or even website pop-ups that encourage them to share their phone numbers.

2. Write Clear and Concise Messages

Typically, you have up to 160 characters for your event promotion message.  You would want to leverage this as much as possible by shooting straight sales pitches, written in plain English.  That means avoiding any non-mainstream emoticons or abbreviations that will likely distort the message or confuse the recipient.  Also, include all relevant information, including when the offer begins and ends.  In other words, invite customers to a sale but also let them know that it's limited to encourage them to take action.

3. Right Timing

You have an SMS campaign list, as well as a clear message for your gym clients.  But when exactly is the right time to send the text message?  In the gym scenario, sending messages in the afternoon will likely drive sales because most people work out in the evenings.  If you're running an offer for weekend fitness dances, you would want to send the message on a Friday afternoon.  But a common thumb rule is don't send an SMS as early as 8 am or as late as 9 pm.  Find when your customer is likely to open the message in between.

4. Leverage Call-to-Action Buttons

Any real estate agent should send text messages that increase engagement with their prospective leads.  That said, it will help if you use call-to-action buttons to invite customers to read more about your property, or any other target product/service.  Call-to-action buttons are also effective in inviting customers to participate in SMS polls and find out how your brand is fairing.

5. Measure the Results of Your SMS Campaigns

You can leverage various online tools to measure the results of your SMS campaigns in promoting automotive deals.  For instance, an in-built, customizable grading system in your SMS platform can help you measure results by filtering warm, cold, and hot leads.  That way, you can know where to channel more resources, say in quality leads to drive sales.

6. Work With Professionals

While it can be daunting to get started with SMS marketing for staffing on your own, a professional team by your side will help you come up with practical, and results-oriented strategies.  You also need a system expert that can coordinate our campaign within the set timeline and get as many responses as possible.  Contact our team today if you want to send text messages that spark conversations with your prospective buyers.

7. Send Exclusive Content

If you’re talking about real estate investing in text messages, exclusivity is critical.  Your next real estate buyer or developer wants a message that gives exclusive offers to VIP or esteemed customers.  The same applies to lending.  Design exclusive messages that increase conversion instead of encouraging opt-outs.

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