Top 6 Tips to Help You Achieve Twitter Success As a Business

Top 6 Tips to Help You Achieve Twitter Success As a Business

As of December 2022, Twitter has an estimated 360 million active monthly users all over the globe. In addition, forty percent of all of those users reported they'd made a purchase based on information they found on Twitter. So what does this mean for you as a business trying achieve success on Twitter? Twitter's user base may not be as large as that of Facebook or Instagram, but that doesn't make it any less of a valuable social media marketing outlet.

Now that you understand the potential of Twitter for business, let’s see how you can use it to the fullest.

Understand the Twitter Algorithm

Understanding Twitter's algorithm is essential to achieve success on the platform. This success allows your tweets to be seen among the hundreds of millions that are sent every day.

Tweets were first shown on Twitter in a backward chronological sequence. This meant that there was an equal probability that any given account would be seen by the people who follow you. However, in February 2016, Twitter introduced an algorithm that radically altered this straightforward approach.

Twitter's goal now is to provide material of a high quality that its users will like and share. This is why the algorithm rewards you for sharing material that your audience likes and penalizes you when you post something that they reject.

Bottom line – prioritize interaction. That's why the algorithm is your worst enemy when you use it for self-promotion and spam, but your greatest ally when you use it to share valuable information with your followers.

If you've had your account for a while and made the rookie mistake of keeping your profile filled with old, irrelevant, and sometimes even questionable tweets, the best course of action is to delete tweets from your Twitter feed and start over. This way, you can rest easy knowing that these old tweets won't reach your target audience’s innocent eyes or derail your fresh advertising strategy.

Establish Trusting Relationships

Twitter is best used for two-way communication rather than broadcasting. It's a huge boon for small businesses.

Do not discount the value of direct communication with individuals and businesses while using Twitter for professional purposes. It may take a bit longer, but the payoff is substantial.

Direct tweeting has been shown to significantly increase the likelihood of a response, like, or retweet. This ensures a high probability of interaction, which is a major metric used by Twitter's algorithm.

Every successful brand starts with genuine relationships between people. People will respect you more if they know you cherish your community, which is shown when you have one-on-one interactions with your followers.

Use Twitter for Customer Support

A recent poll found that 34% of Twitter users make a purchase as a direct result of a favorable interaction with a business on the platform. This makes perfect sense.

Twitter's casual tone makes it ideal for resolving difficulties with customers. In addition, the honesty and openness of everyone's interactions strengthen the relationships between users. Make it clear to your community that they can contact you there.

Users, however, have come to anticipate immediate relief. A recent survey found that 46% of customers want a response time of fewer than 4 hours. While 12% are counting on a reply within 15 minutes. Therefore, make sure notifications are on, so you don't miss a tweet!

Always Be Active!

It used to be simple to alienate your Twitter followers by tweeting too often. With the proliferation of tweets, though, posting many times a day has become the norm.

Is there a magic number for how often you should tweet daily?

Determine the optimal frequency of your Twitter updates by reviewing data from a variety of research on the topic of social media content distribution. A total of 15 tweets every day, including retweets, is optimal.

Work With Influencers

In recent years, "influencer marketing" has emerged as a very effective kind of advertising. Recent research shows that almost half of all customers are impacted by influencers when making a purchasing choice. In other words, people listen to the advice of influencers they follow.

Start Advertising on Twitter

Aside from organic promotion on Twitter, you can also use Twitter advertising. Targeting prospective consumers and tracking their interactions with your advertisements is easy with Twitter advertising. It also allows you to fine-tune your campaigns over time.

You can expect to pay for every click you get, this likely costs between fifty cents to two dollars to promote the tweet. The typical cost of a click, a reply, or a retweet is around $1.35, making Twitter advertisements relatively cheap.

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of your company's size or marketing budget, you can achieve success on Twitter. Use it to expand your customer base, raise brand awareness, and increase sales. Keep in mind that Twitter is primarily for two-way communication, not mass distribution of information. Therefore, make an effort to foster direct user connections and grow your community.

Don't forget that Twitter's algorithm prioritizes tweets that generate plenty of user interaction. Maintain consistency, and don't underestimate the power of those 280 characters!

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