Top 3 Key Facts About the OniGiri Metaverse

OniGiri Metaverse: Top 3 Key Facts

If you ever played an online MMO game, you came across OniGiri. Released in 2014, the came quickly became popular with more than five million fans worldwide. Today OniGiri development company CyberStep is recreating the game into new products and services to boost digital fandom surrounding the franchise. In a joined collaboration with Catheon Gaming, the game enters a new era and becomes an OniGiri metaverse, MMORPG, and NFT game. Here are the most important facts regarding the OniGiri metaverse.

#1 The Evolution of OniGiri: The Online Game that Becomes a Metaverse

The original OnGiri was a free online game that allowed players to take the role of Oni, a Japanese demon in human form. The player would go on a quest to explore the world of Oni. To win, the aim was to conquer the evil forces that terrorize the land.

Its anime-style and rich characters quickly led the game to global success. The game developer transformed the in-game characters into animated series with solid audience response. However, as time passed, the new technology trampled Onigiri graphics. So Catheon Gaming, the company well known for bringing the old games into life in the metaverse, collaborated with CyberStep to breathe a new life into the beloved franchise.

The project is nearing completion, and the first glimpse into this new world of Oni will be available at the beginning of 2023. However, to the claims of both companies, there will be unique characters as companions of the player. As well as compelling gameplay, epic journeys, the ability to earn while playing the game, and of course, the NFT ownership.

As the game developer announced, the first NFT drop will occur on Ethereum and Onigiri Solana NFT marketplaces on July 3, 2022. According to the official website, the OniGiri NFT collection is based on uniquely designed main story characters. They also feature their exceptional attributes. However, the first drop will include exclusive NFT companions like Lancelot, Kenshin, Kojirou, and Sasuke.

The well-trained and established hero NFTs will have an additional benefit for the player as an in-game asset. As they fight alongside the NFT holder, the warriors will gain strength and grow affection towards the player's avatar. Meanwhile, the developers are establishing tokenomics of the game. They are also looking at additional ways for players to earn currency while immersing themselves in the otherworldly realm.

#2 The New Experience of Battle and Characters in OniGiri Metaverse

Oni is a Japanese word for "demon" or "ogre." The OniGiri metaverse is where Onis live beside the human race and have human form. Their settlements have been destroyed by the ancient powerful being Kamikui. The quest begins to banish evil from the land.

This game will feature fast-paced action, player versus environment gameplay in a beautiful ancient Japanese setting. It also has more than 100 companion characters. The characters in the story have their quirks and personalities, each one more colorful than the other. Toriyama's art style lends itself well to the game, through characters and the world. Anime-styled graphics are a treat for those who enjoy that particular Japanese artwork filled with ancient beings and gods.

Hence, it makes sense that many people would want to immerse themselves in this game. The OniGiri game's predecessor received generally positive reviews that "Onigiri shines as an intense action-focused MMORPG, superb voice acting, and fun anime-style characters." We hope the upcoming metaverse will stay true to the good stuff and offer even more tactical excitement.

#3 How OniGiri Metaverse is Empowering Gamers with NFTs

OniGiri metaverse is a blockchain-based game that uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These are digital assets that can be traded in the same way as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

NFTs aren't a new thing in the gaming world. They have been used in crypto games such as CryptoKitties. In existence since 2013, they are rather popular. To provide more value for their players, many game designers also create their own unique NFTs for their games.

NFTs are becoming a popular topic in gaming. This is because they offer more possibilities than regular currencies to trade with players. For example, in the OniGiri metaverse, players can use NFTs as in-game assets or sell them to their fellow gamers.

OniGiri game is similar to other games because users must buy OniGiri NFT to play it. However, instead of giving players rewards such as digital items that can't be sold or transferred outside of the game, developers of the metaverse give players different power. All OniGiri NFTs provide ownership and prizes for playing the game.

By having physical items, players feel like they are getting something much more substantial for their coins. These tangible items have been proven to have more value for the players than rewards.

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