5 Actionable Tips for Investing in NFTs

Actionable Tips for Investing in NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital assets based on blockchain technology. While the tokens are relatively new in the market, their popularity continues to grow. In fact, mainstream investors are getting into the industry to capitalize on the opportunity. By using tools like Nightcafe Creator, anyone can mint an NFT using AI-generated artwork.

As the market gains more traction, the potential profits are likely to increase. To get meaningful returns on your investment, it's vital to implement sound strategies and tips, and consult an attorney experienced in NFT transactions.

1. Determine Your Exit Strategy

Cashing out yourNFT investment is often one of the complex aspects of investing in NFTs. Typically, the NFT market doesn't work like stocks, where you can sell the asset on an exchange market. You can't cash out your NFT investment until another person decides to buy the specific NFT.

It's essential to determine how you will sell the assets and make profits. Pricing the assets fairly can help you sell faster, but you may not get high returns. On the other hand, increasing prices beyond the average range can make your asset remain on the market for a long time. Most importantly, projects with volatile pricing can make the value of your investment plummet as you wait for buyers.

2. Analyze the Blockchain Supporting the NFT

The NFT's blockchain determines the framework used to build the asset, storage wallets, and the specific markets you can trade the tokens. Ideally, it's best to settle on assets that you can exchange easily on secondary markets.

This is the main reason why Etherium-minted tokens tend to be more expensive than tokens based on other blockchains. While the situation is likely to change as more blockchains develop their NFT ecosystems, it's a major factor to consider, especially if liquidity is crucial to you.

However, each blockchain technology has its pros and cons, and you should weigh the situation depending on your priorities. For instance, ETH-based tokens have hefty expenses, often making low-priced tokens more expensive.

3. Assess the Floor and Ceiling Price

The floor price represents the lowest for an NFT collection, while the ceiling price is the highest possible price. Investors use the floor price when determining the viability of NFT projects. Typically, tokens with higher floor prices tend to be solid and can lead to better profits.

The ceiling price can be ideal if you have enough money to invest in NFTs since the tokens are highly sought-after. Typically, tokens with a high ceiling tend to appreciate quickly when there is more demand. The items also have a high market uptake since investors tend to look for moderately to highly-priced assets.

However, there aren't too many people with enough funds to buy the high ceiling tokens. This means you might have difficulty finding a fair buyer, making it possible to suffer hefty losses if the project's popularity dwindles.

4. Specialize In One Type of NFT

If you want good returns on your NFTs, it's critical to have sufficient expertise in the asset you intend to invest in. Good knowledge makes you more adept at estimating the value of a token since you are conversant with its market and underlying signs for a lucrative project. For instance, gamers can provide reliable insights about a game they play, while sports fans can identify a superstar before their rise to stardom.

However, this aspect is primarily applicable in the digital art marketplace as opposed to other types of NFTs. Ideally, most people can't distinguish between a masterpiece and an average piece of art. This can make it challenging to identify undervalued pieces before they become lucrative projects.

5. Conduct a Thorough Research

When investing in NFTs, it's crucial to conduct sufficient research. Successful NFT projects can be easy to identify, but you may not afford the initial investment. If you're getting started with NFTs, it's easy to rush simply because a popular influencer recommends it. While such moves can lead to short-term wins, the method is unreliable and likely to end in crippling losses. It's best to take time and find an NFT collection that is likely to become the next big thing. It sounds easy, but you need a lot of research.

Typically, NFT collections have higher chances of appreciation than single pieces; hence you should identify a collection with huge potential. However, always remember that the goal is to buy cheap and sell for a good profit.

Most NFT tools will provide a detailed snapshot of available NFT collections, but you should focus on new and upcoming collections. For instance, you can use research tools to discover NFT projects that haven't been launched.


NFTs are unique investments that can bring lucrative returns. However, it's vital to undertake enough research and understand how the NFT market works before investing. Most importantly, it's best to set realistic expectations depending on the prevailing market conditions.

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