Tips to Induce Your Social Media Followers to Action!

Induce Your Social Media Followers to Action

Almost half the world’s population is on social media. To further complicate matters, almost everybody seems to have multiple accounts. Add the various social media channels to the equation, and you can understand the challenge brands face when it comes to building their following and getting business from social media followers on these channels.

The problem can be divided into two parts. The first part is growing the social media presence, and the second half is getting that audience to take the actions that contribute toward the growth of the business.

For many years, brands and social media managers thought that the first half of the problem was the real challenge. And that once the users get on board, they would do as the brand wanted because they are fans of the brands.

As such, they focused on building the social media communities and fan lists to ensure they build a loyal following that can be presented as potential leads to the marketing and sales teams. In many cases, this strategy was used by many consultants that advised heavy investments in community building. The idea behind these investments was to increase brand reach and ensure a huge footprint that can be used for advertisement campaigns.

But There was a Problem

After a decade of investing in community-building activities and ad campaigns that focused on asking potential users to join a Facebook group or a Reddit subreddit, the experts uncovered the actual problem.

The discovery was that the issue was not getting people to join a social media community. The actual challenge was getting the community members to take the action that the brand wanted them to take.

A good example of this challenge is subscribing to an offer presented via the brand’s website landing page. In simpler words, how can brands induce the followers to take the desired action?

Before we dig deeper, let’s list two facts that lie at the base of digital marketing campaigns.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are considered the top networks in the social media world. 45 million people are daily active users on social media, with 80% following brands or products.

According to recent studies, Instagram tops the chart for engagement. After Instagram, we have Facebook, Twitter, And then Pinterest. When it comes to social media, it is essential to keep an eye on the number of followers. Focusing on engagement can help you gain more followers, eventually turning your followers into your customers.

Basic Elements to Remember 

social media followers

Before starting any social media campaign, you need to consider the following elements for growing your social media presence.

Choose your Strategy

Many brands make the mistake of not planning out their social media activities before posting content. This lack of strategy usually results in failed campaigns where the followers do not take action that the campaign wants them to take.

Planning your approach to social media campaigns is important for several reasons - You need to understand how the campaign is structured and how the followers would interact with it. Without a plan, you will soon find that users scroll past your posts without even tapping or checking out the message.

Handling social media is pretty challenging when you have so many other things running beside it. If you can’t commit time to social media, make sure you have the right set of resources to let your team handle everything. For this, a simple search for Coschedule alternatives will help you discover the right tools for managing campaigns.

Know your Audience

Knowing your audience and what your audience exactly wants are two different things. It’s good to know your audience, but do you know which type of content they want?

In many cases, brands have an ideal customer profile that is actually a composite of several real and fictitious profiles. This does not highlight the likes/dislikes of the users and what content formats would resonate with the audience.

In order to find out the interest of your audience, you need to start monitoring analytics data and surf through the posts to discover the posts that get attention from the users. Once you have the data, you can focus on producing content that follows the data and boosts user engagement. You will have to accommodate these content formats into your strategy.

Be a Good Social Media User Yourself

The good thing about social media is that it is always evolving. It never stops, no matter what happens. Growing on social media means increasing your followers. The only thing that can bring engagement to your posts is eye-catching content and consistent posting on social media platforms.

You can start by engaging with the audience and comment on the posts that you think are relevant to your persona. By sharing the posts and engaging with the users, you can cultivate a likable persona that could benefit your social media campaigns.

Now that you know how to line up social media campaigns and attract new followers, here is a rundown of some fantastic tips and strategies to induce your social media followers to action.

Tips to Induce Social Media Followers to Action

The following tips will help you induce your followers to take the desired action and overcome   social media marketing challenges.

Use Interesting Images 

Visual content is one of the powerful hacks to grow your reach. According to a recent survey, more than 60% of the users are attracted by the visual content.

When planning campaigns for popular social media platforms, uploading image-intensive content on Facebook and Twitter will increase your engagement. A post without an image is now considered dull.

Then, there is the matter of visual-focused social platforms such as Instagram. These platforms are all about pictures, and posting interesting images plays a vital role in growing your followers.

Pinterest is all about infographics and step-by-step image-based guides. You can get a good reach and a measurable increase in leads through images. You need to make sure that the pictures are clear and attract the attention of your followers.

Pin on different and exciting topics - your followers may have other preferences that you can reach by pinning a wide range of topics and boards. You will soon see a high number of repins from the viewers that can convert into your followers later.

Editorial Calendars 

Editorial calendars help you in managing your content and maintain a consistent schedule of posting on social media platforms. You know what content you want to post and on which date; All this information should be clearly documented in the content calendar. You save a lot of time, and everything would be well organized.

You will see that your followers are more responsive when they know your schedule. This builds up their habit of checking out your social profiles, and you can see a measurable increase in engagement metrics.

Hold Contests 

Running a simple contest is not too hard. In fact, this is a great way of engaging your audience. You need to set up a serious challenge as people are more attracted to interesting and unique problems, and the word quickly spreads out about the contest.

Holding a challenge or a contest with an enticing prize is a great way to spur engagement on Facebook. The best thing about this hack is that setting up these contests and quizzes is not complicated. It is the most straightforward strategy to grab the audience’s attention.

ProTip: The best platforms to hold contests are Instagram and Facebook, as engagement on these platforms is higher than the rest.

Call to Action

There must be a ‘Call to Action’ option on your blogs, infographics, or videos. If you haven't yet set up a CTA, you are losing out on a great opportunity to engage your followers.

The same is true for social media posts. On these platforms, you can add links to your landing pages with appropriate CTA to ask the users to click through to your landing pages.

Be Human 

In this age when companies are seriously considering using bots to respond to their audience, it's not a bad thing as it saves time and resources of the customer support team.

On social media, however, it is essential to show off your human side to the audience and develop a personal connection.

Some good tips for showing the human side of your business are:

  1. Post your team’s photographs
  2. Retweet or reply to a comment to start a conversation
  3. Reply with humor and appropriate memes.
  4. Try to keep the conversation flowing so that your audience would know that there is an actual human behind the screen.

Use Monitoring Tools

Social Media monitoring tools help manage your work and give you ample time to look after more important tasks!

These tools provide a great summary of the posts that are getting more engagement from your followers. That data gives you insights into the topics that interest your audience. This is important for content creation because you now know which ideas you can safely eliminate and which ideas you should focus more on in your content production processes.  To start, do a simple Google search for Coschedule Alternatives and pick a tool to start.

Make (interesting) Videos

Have you tried creating videos for your brand? If yes, and you didn’t get the maximum reach, it could be due to two reasons:

  • You have created long and boring videos.
  • Your video content isn’t engaging enough to attract the audience.

People loved to watch short videos, but more than that, the videos should be interesting enough to catch the attention of the users. Many brands make the mistake of creating videos that resemble classroom lectures. This results in viewers getting bored and leaving without getting to the point where your CTA shows up.

The fix is simple: Start recording interesting videos, giving complete knowledge about your products in the process. You can have live sessions or interviews with your customers. These videos hold the attention long enough to make sure they see your CTA.

Use Popular Hashtags 

Using hashtags could be an effective way to grow your reach. However, do not use too many hashtags, as it puts off the viewers. In practical terms,  two hashtags are enough. Short captions with the right hashtags and images are a win-win for all social media platforms.

Post Evergreen Content

When considering evergreen content, you need to know the difference between evergreen and hot content. Evergreen content is the one you can upload many times, and every time you post, there are more chances to maximize your social media followers.

The best thing about the evergreen content is that it is timeless compared to the other creative content. Everyone loves to read and love evergreen content because they get good value every time someone reads it. As you can imagine, evergreen content is beneficial as it helps you to get more followers.

Inspire Your Audience

Inspiring your audience is another great hack. If your content is inspiring, your audience will eventually be attracted to your brand, and then you don’t need to ask your followers for likes and shares. You can come up with inspiring posts, and the more strongly people believe in your content, the better would be the engagement.

There are more chances to boost your growth, but remember, not everyone has the same inspiration triggers. You need to find the right buttons to push in order to inspire your followers and make them your life-long fans.

Use Latest Trends 

Take action, follow trends

The latest trends are the ideas people are looking at on social media. Have you ever noticed that social media highlights trends as they emerge? It is because of this idea of interesting ideas and funny or inspiring content that people love to view.

To leverage trends, you can share new blogs, stories, or videos from the industry, or anything you find at the moment.

Staying up-to-date and sharing trends-focused content lets you promote your brand as a thought leader that is in sync with the latest happenings. Regardless of whether people agree or disagree, everyone loves to consume trend-focused content.

It’s a Wrap!

Choosing the right platform and generating the relevant content matters the most for your success. You can only target your potential customers if you know the right direction! Get to know your customers through analytics and engagement on posts. Then hit your audience with the most accurate content. By developing a strong connection and understanding with your customers, you can win your loyalty and business. These fantastic tips are worth it. Try out these excellent tips and see how your followers grow in a short span.

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