5 Tips to Improve Your Customer Support Right Now

  5 Tips to improve your customer support right now

How crucial is it to improve your customer support for your business? According to HubSpot research, 80% of clients will stop doing business with you due to a poor experience. Can your business afford to lose eight out of ten clients?

No company can. To stop the churn, it’s vital to improve customer support, and there’s no better time than the present. In this article, we’ll highlight five simple ways for you to do exactly that.  

Hire Professionals Skilled in Communication

It might seem like basic common sense, but many firms hire people off the street out of desperation. Managers hope that they can train the new agents to provide top-level consultants. They provide them with scripted answers, a service training course, and then let them learn through experience.  This is not the best way to respond to those inquiries.

It’s an inefficient method that became necessary because companies had a small pool of talent on which to draw. With the modern march toward globalization, firms may source skilled professionals from all over the world.

SaaS companies make it even easier to improve your customer support. Firms may hire professional teams to provide professional client service immediately and for a fraction of the cost of running a permanent support center.

The agents think quickly on their feet, negating the need for stilted, scripted answers. They’re able to enhance the client experience by providing customers with the answers that they require in a polite and pleasant manner.

Professionals receive intensive training to enable them to deal with clients in any state of agitation. They’ll remain calm and carefully defuse the situation on your behalf.

Incorporate a Proactive Service Strategy

Will a proactive service strategy improve your customer support right now? According to a recent Gartner survey, it might. According to the survey, only 13% of respondents had experienced any type of proactive service. Of those that had, 85% said that the experience was positive.

What is Proactive Service?

Conventional customer support is reactive. You wait for the client to reach out to you. Proactive support entails you reaching out to the customer. Some reasons that companies may reach out include:

  • To update clients on new features
  • Because they’ve noticed an issue with configuration
  • To follow up on how the client enjoys using the product

There are several other reasons to reach out. Find one that makes sense for your client and target market.

Use a Robust CRM System

A good CRM system ensures that your team has all the pertinent data to deal with client requests on hand. Such programs allow agents to personalize the experience and make it easier for them to build a rapport.

Should your consultants need to transfer the client to another department, such systems make it unnecessary for the customer to repeat all the details.

A well-designed system makes it easy for consultants to take notes about the issue and steps taken to resolve it. Should the problem re-occur, these notes will remain on the client account, allowing agents to streamline query resolution.

The software prevents duplication of effort due to multiple client contacts over the same support issue.

Let Clients Know What the Next Steps Are

Customers prefer you to resolve issues during their first call. They do, however, understand that this is not always possible. Most will accept having to wait as long as the agent explains how the resolution process works.

You can improve this process by setting clear service standards and escalation procedures. Who is the second line of contact when an agent cannot solve the issue? How long will resolution take? When will someone get back to the client? Are there steps that the customer should take in the interim?  All these are keys to improve your customer support.

Keep Your Promises

It’s better to set a realistic timeframe for resolution than agree to a schedule you cannot meet. If an agent makes a promise to your client, they must be able to see it through to the end. You should provide them with a  way to check that the query escalation was successful.

Not following through reflects badly on your firm, is bad customer care, and damages the trust your client has in you. Once you’ve lost that, it’s extremely difficult to regain it again.

Wrapping it Up

Improve your customer support today by providing clients with proactive service, a solid CRM system, regular updates, and keeping your promises.

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