3 Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs Trying to Unplug

Many entrepreneurs find it almost impossible to take a break from running their business. After building your business from the ground up, you want to stay there and watch it grow. If you are running a small business, you may think that it cannot run in your absence and you've given up on trying to unplug. The truth is that you can take a break, have fun, and recharge without disrupting the operations of your business. Here are some tips on how to unplug from your business.

1. Plan for the Vacation early

Taking a random vacation may seem like a good idea to many people, but for entrepreneurs, a random vacation may not work. Start planning for the vacation as early as possible. You need to prepare your staff for the days you will be away and delegate your responsibilities. If you are unplugging for the first time, you may need to train your managers to handle your duties. Also, you need to consider the communication channels to use and set boundaries.

Define clearly the issues that your staff should call or email about when you are on your trip. Give specific hours of the day when you will respond to their queries. For instance, you can handle all work-related issues for two to three hours in the morning. Communicate with your top clients and partners about your leave and let them know when you will be back in office.

2. Explore Different ideas

Your vacation is not limited to traveling to the best beaches in the world. You can start there but explore other ideas in your destination. Pick a destination with a wide range of fun activities if you want to enjoy your vacation. For instance, you could consider going on a camping trip with help of a rental from Lincoln City Vacation rentals and enjoy other activities while at the camp.

You can enjoy water sports, skydiving, fishing, nature trails, or swimming depending on the site. Or, you could decide to go hunting for something more immersive. If you’re a beginner, you could start with small game at first. Sites like Woodbury Outfitters have a wide selection of handguns for first-time hunters you could choose.

3. Unplug your Way

The most important aspect of taking a vacation is relaxing while enjoying your favorite things. For some entrepreneurs, spending time with their family while having their favorite snack or drinks, such as Pepsi lime, is enough. Others must unplug from technology completely to relax. If your business is still in the initial stages, you may need to work for a few hours every day while on vacation.

You can explore fun activities in your city or town instead of traveling far. For instance, you could go on a hunting trip every other weekend. Or you can go big and hire a private jet to take you to a foreign destination.  The expense for a private jet flight cost may be less than you think! The bottom line is to take a vacation that works for you and your business.


Taking a break from work is good for your health and the health of your business, agreed by Katie from It will give you the opportunity to reflect on your strategies and progress. You may get fresh ideas to build your business to the next level while enjoying your vacation.


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