The Surprising Benefits of Spray Tan

Surprising Benefits of Spray Tan

Spray tanning sometimes gets a bad rap from people. Often they think it looks obviously fake or can’t match the quality of a more natural tan. These views are misguided, however, and people are overlooking the many benefits of spray tanning over sunbathing or using a tanning bed. What’s more, the formulations and technology have advanced so much. Now, the old bygone days of streaky spray tans are long gone.

Here are some of the most amazing benefits of spray tanning:

  1. You Can Now Use All-Natural Products

Spray tanning no longer has to feel artificial. You can shop Australian-made natural fake tan made from natural and organic ingredients. These are actually beneficial for your skin. This is the exact opposite of what you get by relying on UV exposure to get your tan. Some outlets can even offer custom formulations to fit your exact skin type and profile. Thus, there’s no longer any need to rely solely on mass-produced products either.

  1. No Need for UV Exposure

We touched on this in the previous point, but it’s important enough to warrant a second mention. Conventional tanning, be it through lying in the sun wearing a little sunscreen or heading to a tanning bed every week, relies on the exposure of your skin to harmful UV radiation. In the short term, it does provide a natural and lasting tanning effect. However, the long-term effects include premature aging and even a raft of additional health risks including skin cancer.

  1. It’s Fast

Who has time to just lay about in the sun all day? Even when you’re on vacation, there are better things you can be doing with your time! A spray tan is quick, with some even being inside of 20 minutes. In a busy world with so much to get done, why lose precious time and expose yourself to UV radiation? Get a high-quality organic and natural spray tan instead. Then you’re ready for anything.

  1. Even Application

Early products in the fake tan market were often only available in a self-apply formula. Which was a problem for many since it’s very challenging to get an even and natural look. The effect was often blotchy and unappealing. Thus attracting ridicule in popular media. The spray tanning option removes that problem. It creates an even distribution of the tanning solution, with the customer just needing to turn regularly. It looks much better and more natural. This is why some people now struggle to distinguish between a spray tan and a suntan.

  1. Less Messy

Besides being easier to apply evenly, it also dries very quickly. So, you don’t end up with clothing and bedding being ruined like people often did when using self-application solutions. The drying time depends not only on the product itself but also on how much you apply in the first place. It was easy to get it wrong. Even a little bit of still-wet solution would stain bed sheets, t-shirts, sofas, and car upholstery. Possibly even ruining them.

  1. Massive Confidence Boost

Getting a compliment on how we look is always a massive confidence booster. When people compliment your new outfit, your hair, your recent weight loss, it feels awesome. Another thing people tend to love is a good tan. It exudes that healthy glow and youthful exuberance. People catch onto that pretty quick. A spray tan can offer that kind of confidence boost. Plus, it will only take up to 20 minutes of your life to get the job done.

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