10 Essential Free Resources for Designers

10 Essential Free Resources for Designers

In the world of design, you can't do without useful tools and resources for getting started. However, many of them can be quite costly and expensive, and the impact is not high enough to cover these costs. We have found a way out and selected the ideal free resources for you to become your "right hand" in the design world and open up exciting new possibilities.

Your design will stand out from the crowd without much cost or effort. Are you ready to discover a lot of new, useful free resources? Then let's go.

1. Master Bundles

Resources for Designers


On this platform, you will find countless unique design elements - fonts, graphics, patterns and backgrounds, templates, and stock images for free! Master Bundles is convenient because all this can be easily found by category, many paid products have huge discounts and you will get the maximum benefit from the product! A stream of ideas and inspiration is already waiting for you on the site, so go ahead and draw without wasting time.


2. Design Instruct

Besides useful tools, this platform also offers many useful and informative articles. Many ideas can be realized thanks to Design Instruct, if you study its capabilities and find suitable attributes for yourself: from vectors to fonts. Try it!

3. Dribbble

This platform is teeming with users from around the world who add a lot of useful materials and ideas to the site for sharing with other designers. To find all the freebies, just click on the "freebies" category and hundreds of fonts, patterns, patterns and more will be available to you immediately!

4. Creative Market

One of the favorite projects of many, Creative Market has won the trust and respect of most users thanks to its high-quality materials and design tools. The site has an excellent tag search system, you can shave thematic materials or even specify a color scheme - the site will show you exactly what you need!

5. Fly Pixel

Here, just like on previous resources, there is an innumerable set of interfaces, templates, thematic patterns and patterns, a ton of ideas and inspirations. All this is absolutely free. All that is required of you - just go to find what suits you the most!

6. Freebiesbug

This is another find in the world of web design. Besides the fact that they have many free tools to work with, you also have access to free Illustrator and Photoshop programs! This is a great opportunity, which is definitely worth taking advantage of right now, without wasting a minute!

7. Font Squirrel

A specialized resource that covers the need for fonts 100%! You yourself understand that it is better not to find anything. Thousands of different fonts, writing styles, letters, and word forms are heaven for designers and calligraphers. Here you will find the perfect fonts for your project and get a lot of ideas for the future.

8. Typewolf

A similar thematic resource, like the previous version. As a bonus to the huge database of your own fonts, you will also get the ability to use catalogs, "try on" fonts in different words or letters, make templates and enjoy the process. Finding a font for a project has never been so easy!

9. Unsplash

Great idea to subscribe on a regular basis. This site offers you a daily newsletter. In this you receive 10 unique photos of excellent quality and extensions to implement your ideas. The subject of a photo can be completely different. A photo of nature, architecture, objects, people, or animals. Build your own collection with Unsplash.

10. Color: Hailpixel

Well, the Hailpixel platform completes our selection of ideal free design tools. Here is a paradise for the selection of colors and the ideal palette. Simply move the mouse wheel to select a color or shade with maximum accuracy for any business. Very simple and straightforward. Recommended.


This collection will truly become your best friend whether you are experienced or just getting started. Inspire yourself, and try all these free resources on your own. We sincerely hope that you will be able to find what you have been looking for for so long. The result will surely please you with positive reviews from your customers!

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