The Most Luxurious Vacation Rental Properties

The Most Luxurious Vacation Rental Properties

Whether you see it in the shape of a snake or a bamboo treehouse, luxurious vacation rental properties come in many different forms. In this article, we’re looking at some of the most lavish areas you can settle down for a nice break from reality.

Everyone wants a place they can go to escape from their daily routine. You might not consider the internet as a great place to do so. But just looking at these places will make you feel like you’re in another world, away from all of your responsibilities. After COVID-19 swallowed both 2020 and 2021, people all over the world are excited to reignite their love of travel.

Regardless of which vacation rental catches your eye the most, the properties on this list will inspire awe.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge- Jasper, Arkansas

Jasper, Arkansas is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream spot. With mountains that span across five states, this mansion is inside a cave. It is a 6,000-square-foot luxury rental with a creek flowing underneath it. It was completed in the 1980s and its history extends centuries with the stalactites of the caves dating back for thousands of years.

The mansion has four bedrooms and sleeps up to 12 guests. It is on over 256 acres of land and even has its own helipad. A night’s stay isn’t really affordable ($1500) per night. But, you won’t find its rock formations and an all-natural Spanish piano waterfall anywhere else.

Then, if you’re staying in and around the states of Idaho and Utah, you can definitely opt for the services of “Bear Lake Luxury Rentals” that offers its Bear Lake vacation homes on rent in the most picturesque surroundings of the blue water lake. It can be a condo, villa, cabin or a luxury vacation home.

The PlayHouse In the Berkshires

Not many people can claim they are staying at the place where Nikola Tesla and Westinghouse used to hang out. Being able to claim this already makes for a vacation story. Built by George Westinghouse in the 1880s, the PlayHouse got its name because Westinghouse built it for his son who was a theater advocate. The 220-acre property sits behind a gated entrance at the end of a long driveway with many trees.

The property is on farmland that provides fresh food for guests and provides a culinary experience for those who stay. With tall, wood-supported ceilings that create a welcoming loft space, PlayHouse can welcome up to 20 guests. Two kitchens, six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and an entertainment area in the basement create a playful atmosphere other vacation rental properties on this list can’t claim.

The original 19th-century wooden frames and vintage fixtures pair well with modern design elements. Theatrical elements are also reflected in the bedrooms, with a tall windowed ceiling that floods the area with light. A tub also overlooks the living room below. The last reason this vacation spot ranks so highly on the list is because it was one of the first buildings powered by AC electricity in 1917.

The Arkup in Miami

In Miami, Florida, there is a floating mansion on the Miami waterfront that is breathtaking. The Arkup is a 4300-square-foot floating mansion. It offers four bedrooms with large windows instead of walls to maximize water views. With a large deck that offers 1,750 square footage worth of outdoor space, the Arkup sleeps six guests and starts at $2000. Additionally, for an extra fee, you can take it for a ride out on the bay.

Guests who enjoy their stay at the Arkup and want to consider buying the mansion can also have one built for them at prices starting at $5.5 million.

Butterfly House- Bali

This rural,16-acre mountain retreat consists of five rice terraces set in the middle of the jungle. It’s made of bamboo and it has two bedrooms, a bathroom, and fits four guests. A creative staircase, private screening room, and see-through lounging nets feature perfect nature views. There’s also an outdoor shower and everything is in the middle of the jungle.

Quetzalcoatl’s Nest- Mexico City

Nothing compares to sleeping in a snake. On the outskirts of Mexico City, this 50-acre nature-inspired sculpture garden has beautiful landscaping, a reflecting pool, and a greenhouse. It was built in the shape of a snake and it houses ten apartments, two of which are vacation rentals.

Anthony Gaudi was the inspiration for organic architect Javier Senosiain and the result shows his influence. With Salvador Dali and Tim Burton vibes, Senosian is named after the serpent god with wings in Mexican culture.

Noku Beach House- Bali

Situated on one of the most popular beaches in Bali called Seminyak, the Noku is the only beach in the area. However, “beach house” doesn’t come close to adequately describing what this house actually is. With a revolving door that leads to the massive modern villa, it’s perfect to entertain large parties. It has six beds, ten baths, and can house 14 guests. The rental rate is around $4,000.

One of the Noku Beach House’s most noticeable features is its 30,000 plants and a poolside pavilion made of a 150-year pier from Borneo. With a 20-person staff that includes a private chef, whoever stays here will be living in luxury. If that isn’t enough to convince you, how about a floating breakfast in the pool?

Cuvee’s Royal Island In the Bahamas

If a house isn’t enough, what about an entire island? Cuvee’s Royal Island is an exclusive, 430-acre island with a 15-person staff, five beachfront bungalows. There are eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and room for 18 guests.

This emerald cove dwelling is completely secluded and the bungalows are 700 square feet with woof and rattan finishings. Each bungalow has ocean views and outside the doors are white sandy beaches with crystalline waters.

Only one hour away from Miami, your private paradise awaits but it will take a pretty penny to reserve the compound. Rates are $15,000 a night but the price is all-inclusive. A beach club with a beachfront restaurant and driftwood bar awaits with an elaborate feast if you can afford the spot.

Bottom Line

Finding the most luxurious vacation rental properties is the easy part. However, paying for it is what is so difficult. If you have the dough, you could be living lavishly in one of these luxurious properties.

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