Business Fun in Miami: 5 Activities when in Miami on Business

  1. Restaurants

  • Rusty Pelican

A popular place among tourists, Rusty Pelican is a quiet place to break away from the hustle and bustle of the city with friends or colleagues. The restaurant is one of the most iconic halls in Miami, located on Key Biscayne Island, and is famous for its stunning views of the city center.

Stop here at sunset to enjoy the best cocktails at the bar, drinks are served until 11 pm on weekdays and until 1 is on weekends. Ideal for light snacks and cocktails before dinner or a romantic evening with a view of the water.

The Pelican Bar also offers discounts on alcohol and snacks on weekdays from 4 to 7 pm.

Business Fun in Miami: 5 Activities when in Miami on Business

  • River Yacht Club

Discover Miami's newest outdoor hotspot, the River Yacht Club, located on the busy Miami River Waterway.

Enjoy food, drinks, music, and entertainment at sunset, while the best DJs of the city will play a soft, unobtrusive set of popular tracks for a luxuriously dressed, stylish crowd.

There is also boat rentals in Miami. You can rent a yacht and have fun with friends or rent it for a business meeting.

  1. Museum World

  •  Cubaocho Museum and Performing Arts Center

If you decide to visit Little Havana, by all means, go to this wonderful corner of it. It is a cross between a bar and an art gallery of Cuban art. A very successful combination of an institution plays live Latin music sounds and serves delicious drinks (rum, mojito). All with a collection of antiques, furniture, and paintings of Cuban origin. This is a truly authentic place, attractive with its pleasant atmosphere and friendly Spanish-speaking waiters. In the heat, you can sit here with mojitos and light snacks in the shady courtyard.

  • Peter Leek Gallery

Lost among restaurants and boutiques, this gallery immediately attracts attention with stunning photos in the showcase. Here you will discover the talent or, rather, the genius of the modern photographer Peter Leek. His works are sold at auctions for fabulous money. The subjects of the pictures are different. There are both urban landscapes and nature, but everything is completely new. The presentation of works is interesting. Often they are on different materials, highlighted in such a way that they seem three-dimensional. If you wish, you can purchase the photos. Juicy bright colors, a variety of subjects will fit perfectly and enliven the interior or become its main part.

  1. Miami Shopping Tour

The Shops at Midtown Miami

In the shopping center, The Shops at Midtown Miami (3401 N Miami Ave, Miami), near the Winwood art district, you can find products from famous companies. For example, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Donna Karan, Dolce & Gabbana, and others are available at discounts reaching 65%.

  1. Beach holidays in Miami

South Beach

On the southern side, opposite from Miami Beach, there is South Beach. A real lifesaver in case you want to sunbathe and take a look at the people. If you see someone here who seems very familiar to you, do not be surprised. Faces from TV and tabloid covers often rest on South Beach. In addition to celebrities, you will be able to notice crowds of models posing in front of the camera here. With spectacular Art Deco architecture, disco clubs, and lounge bars, South Beach attracts not only beachgoers but also all those eager for a night of leisure.

  1. Holidays and festivals

Sailing Regatta Week

The Miami Sailing Regatta Week is in early March. Athletes from different parts of the world participate in the same class category. The races take place in Biscayne Bay. Every year, about 200 sailors from different countries come together for the regatta week. Representatives of the media also attend. In addition to the traditional opening ceremony, awards, thematic exhibitions, and cooling drinks, the event includes various kinds of actions in which the sailors themselves, local residents, and foreign tourists participate.

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