The Best Selling Hatchback in India

The Best Selling Hatchback in India

The Indian automobile market is abuzz with various vehicles. The automakers are manufacturing cars that are excellently designed and loaded with features. There is stiff competition amongst automobile companies to bring the best personal vehicle on the market. Be it hatchbacks or sedans or utility vehicles, the options for Indian auto lovers are plenty. India’s hatchback market consists of three 12 major automakers.

Benefits of a Hatchback

There are various benefits of hatchback vehicles that can attract automobile buyers. Let us have a look at some of these pros:

  • The build of the hatchback is compact, which makes it a perfect vehicle for intra-city driving. The compact car can navigate easily amidst heavy traffic and it is easy to manage the vehicle;
  • A hatchback is easier to maintain and costs very less. The regular maintenance of a hatchback is lesser than the sedan and SUV vehicles;
  • These days, in India, hatchback cars are being designed with extra boot space. This means that you can get more storage space in a smaller car;
  • A hatchback vehicle has easier basic controls and thus it is not difficult to learn. Also, since manoeuvring a hatchback is easy, drivers find it safe to navigate a hatchback in congested areas and on narrow roads;
  • This one is pretty straightforward- a hatchback costs you less and thus it is a budget-friendly option;
  • The higher roofline of hatchbacks in comparison to sedans makes them suitable for storing bulky items while travelling.

New or Used?

Once you have decided to buy a hatchback, you will need to look into options- either new or in resale. Remember that India has a really huge car resale market and you can get excellent options if you want to exchange your old car for a new hatchback as well. Before zeroing in on an option, here are some of the things you should consider in your car:

  • Consider your average use and choose a hatchback that can give you the best mileage and performance;
  • Pick a car that matches your requirements- whether you want to use it mostly in the city or are you going to frequently drive the car on highways for intercity travel;
  • Take a test drive of the car and get through details from an authorized dealership before purchasing the hatchback;
  • Buy a car that fits in your budget range. Also, make sure that the car you pick offers you the maximum features in your price range.

Maruti Suzuki is one of the most sought-after brands in India when it comes to automobiles. People trust the brand for superior quality, high performance and functional designs. The most selling hatchback is in fact the Maruti Suzuki Swift- a car that has stood the test of time for more than a decade now. Because of its superior features and affordability, this is one of the most Favourite hatchbacks in the Indian market.

Why Maruti Suzuki?

When compared to other brands, the Maruti Suzuki Swift On Road Price is very reasonable especially when you look at the vehicle’s mileage and overall performance. Other features such as the design, driving ease, interiors, car accessories, engine performance etc. are also excellent. This is what makes the Swift and Swift Dzire highly special cars in the Indian automobile market. You can purchase the Swift as a car exchange offer as well if you wish to sell off your old car.

Make sure that you purchase your hatchback from authorized dealers only because they will provide you will authentic accessories and periodic servicing of your vehicle as well. Ensure that you buy car insurance too as it is important to have your car insured.

Picking the right hatchback to buy can be an overwhelming task, however, Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the best sellers in the Indian market and you can trust the brand in every aspect of owning a car. So, go for the vehicle and get the best driving experience. You can check out the best offers in your nearest Maruti Suzuki service centre or a local authorized Maruti Suzuki showroom.

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