The Band App for Seamless Communication with your Team

The Band App for Seamless Communication with your Team (1)

Communication these days is more accessible but ironically more challenging at the same time. People have a multitude of communication tools such as cell phones, texts, emails, social media, chat programs, and more. So the hard part is getting everyone on the same page. It’s difficult to organize a meeting when you’re having to send out texts, emails, and make phone calls. The problem isn’t options it's a lack of consistency and transparency. Chat apps like BAND help keep everything organized and keep all your communication in one place.

Here are five reasons why your business, team, non-profit, or group may want to the BAND app for group communication.

Why Use the BAND App?

  • Keep Communication In One Place

    People have a lot of ways to communicate at their fingertips This can become a problem as if each group member wants to be communicated with differently. The whole thing becomes very disorganized and challenging for the meeting organizer. A singular communication platform on your smartphone and with web access keeps everyone informed and gives your team a common tool for communication. This also cuts down on chasing down messages and returning phone calls.  Band offers group messages, chats, file sharing, a common calendar and more.

  • Group Phone Calls

    Sometimes chat or updates aren’t enough and a group phone call is needed to go into detail or share important information. BAND helps manage phone conferences and is not platform specific. This means your team can call in for the conference no matter if they're on an Android or iOS device. If you’ve ever had to manage a conference call you know getting everyone on the call can be a hassle BAND takes care of this common issue.

  • Reduce Team Confusion

    A normal problem with team management is keeping everyone informed. Team members may be communicating with each other and not the whole group while others may have important information that they assume everyone else also has. This creates a situation where you don’t know who knows what and confusion is unavoidable. With a single communication platform, you can be sure everyone has received the same information and that everyone has access to it.

  • A Central Calendar and Team Scheduling

    A key part of any well-run team is knowing when events are occurring and when tasks are due. Much like with information and documents you want your entire team to be aware of what’s going on and what’s coming up. A common calendar keeps everyone informed on what’s going on and when events are happening.

  • Multimedia Center

    Photos are an important part of many groups and team meetings. These visual elements can be as simple as meeting pictures or something more involved such as a new design concept. BAND lets your group members upload images and comments can also be posted and shared. This is far more effective than having to share a link to an image upload site. Plus having a central hub for relevant images can also be useful in keeping a project on track.

Final Thoughts on Band

A group, no matter if it's a sports team, band, or even a business, needs a solid and consistent method of communication. BAND lets your team communicate on one platform for FREE, decreasing confusion and lets you organize events, communication, and multimedia. If you're tired of returning phone calls and general confusion BAND can help keep your team in order.

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