Reasons to Consider a Chat App for your Website


Website chat apps software are becoming a more common method of business and customer communication. While chat options used to be seen as a novelty they have become an important part of many companies’ customer service and a lead generation tool. If you're not using a chat you are could be limiting reaching your customers and potentially losing sales as well.

Here are just a few reasons chat apps on your website can be useful.

Why Use A Website Chat App?

  • Better Customer Engagement

    People are busy these days and many don’t have the time to make a phone call. However, many busy people can still open a chat window while doing other things. Chats are easy to engage with and many people prefer that format. Plus by providing a chat app you give customers another way to contact your company which always helps.

  • Answer Simple Questions

    Chat apps can use bots. Your customers can use your chat app without tying up a live agent during the chat itself. Think of it as an interactive FAQ able to answer common questions and give customers general information. You can have a very detailed FAQ but many customers won't do the research (or reading) to find the answers they need so a chatbot does the work for them. This also lets your agents focus on more important work without bothering with easily answered questions.

  • Lead Generation

    Use a chat app to collect information on possible leads from interested visitors. Many people tentatively reach out to a business because they have a need for good or service a company offers. For example, you’d commonly reach out to a mechanic if you were having car trouble, and you could be renting a Toyota Prius the same day while it gets fixed. A chat app can collect contact information either through bots or live agents creating a database of interested potential clients. Remember, a customer who comes to you is one that's very likely to make a purchase as there is an underlying reason they contacted you in the first place.

  • 24/7 Service

    In our busy and increasingly global society, 24/7 access has become quite valuable. A chat app means you’re always available to take questions even when you aren’t there. Automated bots can also serve as a kind of answering service when you’re closed. They can answer simple questions, collect leads, collect call back information, and tell visitors when your office opens if they want to talk to a live person. It’s far better to follow up the next day with a potential lead then to lose them because you had no way to collect their contact info when they reached out.

Final Thoughts

In the modern market, you have to be there when your customers need you. This is why so many businesses have so many channels of communication. The more channels of communication you have the better. A chat app is one more channel you can leverage to communicate with customers. A well-implemented chat app can also gather leads for and reduce your agents’ workloads.

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