The Australian E-commerce Boom: Ways to Profit from This Trend

Unlike other developed countries, Australia has lagged in e-commerce adoption and until now there has not been an Australian e-commerce boom. Although some Aussie consumers do shop online, they have not considered this as their primary method for shopping. For instance, Amazon remains challenged in the country. In 2019, only 26 percent say they would consider purchasing from the site, even though Amazon has been in the market since 2017.

Although Australia's embrace of e-commerce was growing, the COVID-19 pandemic has really accelerated the adoption. Lockdown restrictions forced consumers to buy their necessities from online platforms. Even non-essentials, like sporting goods, have seen an increase in sales. 

This recent Australian online shopping boom presents a lucrative business opportunity for brands. It all comes down to how you leverage the digital landscape to increase your profitability. Also, there is no denying that Internet providers like ONQ Communications have contributed a lot in booming eCommerce across Australian cities. 

Below are some digital marketing strategies that will help you take advantage of the e-commerce boom. 

Increase Online Visibility with SEO

The first thing you should work on is your online visibility. The number of brands penetrating the e-commerce market will undoubtedly increase to milk this trend, which means competition is tougher than ever. 

Increasing your organic search visibility helps you vie for the attention of your target audience. And now, it's likely that consumers are researching brands and products more than ever. Since they can no longer physically inspect the merchandise before purchasing, they have to rely on whatever information they can get online.

You want to make sure that potential customers find the information they need whenever they look up something that's related to your business. This helps them become aware of your brand and what you have to offer. 

There are many SEO services for e-commerce websites that can help you increase your organic visibility, optimize your website and make sure that you stay at the forefront of your target audience's minds.

Aussies spend 30 percent more time on social media throughout the pandemic. This gives brands a huge opportunity to reach more people than ever and secure a larger share of voice online. 

Strategically Use Social Media

Social media allows you to do multiple functions in one platform. You can engage with your audience, improve customer service, increase brand awareness and cultivate relationships with existing customers. 

You can create or join an online community dedicated to interests that relate to your brand. To further increase your reach, you can also boost your posts and set up paid ads, all of which can help you get more shares of the Australian e-commerce boom. Just make sure you maximize your ad spend by targeting the right keywords and choosing the right channels.

Improve Response Times

Another thing you want to improve is your response time. Potential buyers will likely have plenty of queries about your products and services as part of their research process. If you take to long to reply, they might lose interest or find another brand they can buy from - one that responds fast.

One option is to use Facebook Messenger which has an auto-response option you can use that quickly answers simple, repetitive questions that potential customers frequently ask. These questions you can provide instant answers to include "Do you deliver?" and "Can I return an item?", which people are even more likely to ask during the pandemic.

Offer Perks

Finally, give your prospects compelling reasons to buy from you. And what better way to convince them than to offer something for free? Last year, sixty percent of consumers will abandon their shopping cart if the shipping fee is higher than expected. 

Offer free delivery perks only for repeat customers or orders reaching a certain amount to dilute the margin impact.

Apart from free shipping, online shoppers expect multiple payment options, like e-wallets, bank transfers and more. They're more likely to buy from a brand that accommodates their preferred transaction method. You can offer Buy Now Pay Later services, which lets customers pay for products in installments. 

The key to implementing a successful pandemic e-commerce strategy to profit from the Australian e-commerce boom is to understand your customers. Find out how your target market behaves digitally during the pandemic - what they're looking for, which channels they frequent and how they find what they need. This way, you can design a seamless online shopping experience that meets their demands and expectations.

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