Temporary Virtual Phone Number for SMS – What is it?

Temporary Virtual Phone Number for SMS

Numerous services on the global network, from messengers to social networks, require identification. It is common to use cell phone numbers for this purpose. Since in most cases, an active user of telecommunications services registers on numerous services, the likelihood of receiving spam in the form of SMS is very high. To protect yourself from this you can use a virtual number.

Let's stop here and consider this service in more detail. From our article, you will learn what a virtual number is to receive SMS online and its advantages. In addition to the theory, we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to obtain such a phone number.

What is a Temporary Virtual Phone Number for SMS?

Virtual phone number provides temporary or permanent receipt of incoming SMS to "unreal" phone with further redirection to your personal account at special service. With a virtual phone number for SMS, you can receive incoming messages on your "unreal" phone and easily redirect them to your personal account, saving time and money in both business and everyday life.

Virtual numbers are not tied to your device and location, and they do not even require a cellular connection. You can get a phone number for any country using your laptop, computer, or tablet. The main and only requirement for connecting and using the number is having an internet connection.

Why virtual numbers for receiving SMS are so popular?

Such numbers use the technology VoIP (voice over Internet) and have remote service benefits from the service that provides them. Unlike mobile and landline phone service numbers, virtual phone numbers offer benefits like:

  • The ability to remain anonymous. To use and get such a mobile number you do not have to provide any personal information. The whole procedure of getting a virtual phone takes no more than 5 minutes.
  • SIM card rejection. This mobile virtual number works without a SIM card. This means it does not connect to a particular device or location. With access to a personal account, several people can now use it, not just the owner.
  • Protection from information loss. All information stores in the cloud on the owner's personal account. This way if the phone is damaged or lost, you will be able to access all the messages without any problems.
  • No telecommunications infrastructure costs. You don't need to install equipment and a phone line for a virtual number. This allows you to significantly save on the purchase of additional smartphones or SIM cards;

When you may need a virtual number for SMS

There are many situations in life when you need to get a virtual number. Consider the most common:

  • Not wanting to make your real mobile number public;
  • Your existing account is blocked, and access to the linked number is lost;
  • Wanting several accounts on one resource, and you don't want to buy several expensive starter packs;
  • Many sites give certain bonuses at registration, which you want to use several times;
  • Many other situations.

How to get a temporary virtual number for SMS?

It is easy to take advantage of such an offer. The main thing is that you do not have to go anywhere, sign anything, or present documents. Everything is done online quickly and simply. To get a virtual phone number for SMS we will use the SMS-man service.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Open the SMS-man website and log in using any social network or your email address;
  2. Go to "Add money to balance" and deposit by any available method: bank card, cryptocurrency, electronic wallets
  3. On the main page choose one of the countries of our future mobile operator and service, which requires confirming the phone number. After that, press "Buy" button for the required service.
  4. When registering an account, we indicate the received virtual number and wait for an SMS.
  5. To see all incoming SMS, go back to the site SMS-man and in the history of requests, click on "Get SMS".

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