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best sms text messaging services for bulk texting

SMS marketing has exploded in recent years as marketers seek to reach more people, more directly. And, why not, when more than 3.8 billion people own and carry a smartphone in 2022 and it has only increased in 2023? That’s about 48.33% of the global population or the entire adult population (18 years or older).  Moreover, SMS marketing has proved to be highly profitable. Marketers report high open rates, excellent response rates, and very high returns on investment.  In this post, we cover the best SMS text messaging services for 2022!

First, let's cover a little background information. SMS stands for “Short Message Service.” Therefore, SMS marketing, also known as text marketing or text message marketing, means using text messages to drive campaigns, promotions, news updates, and other business activities.

The Power of SMS Marketing

The first question many people ask when they hear about SMS marketing is whether it works. Well, it does, and quite effectively too. Consider the following stats from the Tech Jury and Smart Insights;

  • Up to 90% of recipients open text messages: That’s nine in ten people. In contrast, only 20% of email recipients open every email message. 60% of users read texts within five minutes: Another way to interpret this is six-in-ten SMS recipients read their message within five minutes.
  • 45% of mobile users take action after receiving an SMS: According to Slick Test, text messages are so powerful that roughly one-in-two recipients take action upon receiving a text.
  • Most consumers prefer to contact businesses via text: Startup Bonsai recently found that 75% of consumers aged 44 and below prefer to contact brands through text.
  • SMS marketing enhances brand perception: A recent Harris poll shows that 77% of consumers feel closer to businesses that regularly send them SMSs.
  • SMS branded links increase click-through rate up to 39%

With that background, let's dive into the best SMS text messaging services for 2022.

1. Mobile Text Alerts

best sms text marketing services 2022 mobile text alerts

Want a world-class SMS marketing platform? One with a convenient mobile app and excellent live support access? Mobile Text Alerts is the way to go!

Setup is easy, so you can be ready to send texts to all of your customers and employees in no time. Enjoy the flexibility of multiple opt-in methods to build your contact list, convenient messaging scheduling options, and many other features to help you maximize your sales with SMS marketing.

Try it now FREE for 14 days to start sending SMS marketing messages today.

2. SlickText

slicktext best sms text message marketing services 2022

SlickText is an industry-leading SMS marketing service that powers text messaging campaigns for some of the world's greatest brands. They offer a wide array of opt-in tools to help fuel fast and sustained list growth. They also boast a large set of engagement and automation capabilities to help personalize messaging and maximize ROI.

They’re at the top of their class in automation, short code provisioning, and message delivery. From simple mass texting to complex messaging flows, their platform and analytics help produce meaningful growth for companies of all sizes.

3. Messente

messente one of the best mass texting services

Messente enables businesses across the world to reach out to anyone on the planet with a mobile phone. We help companies make the most of SMS messaging in different markets with in-depth industry knowledge and expertise. Our team of connectivity experts and account managers will do the heavy lifting while our clients can focus on growing their business using Messente’s full suite of high-performance APIs and tools.

Messente is trusted by FinTechs, logistics companies, CRM providers, e-commerce, and many other companies with their business-critical messaging needs, including transactional notifications, user authentication, and SMS marketing.

Messente's focus is on the highest possible quality for both delivery and customer service. Messente’s team shares the mindset of going the extra mile, which is why our very first customers are still with us today. With the help of Messente’s account managers, you can rest assured that all the necessary regulations are met and messages delivered.

4. Jook SMS

jook sms marketing service
JookSMS is the leading provider of SMS marketing. Jooksms prides itself in client satisfaction by always having a real human attending calls, live chats or emails 24/7, 7 days a week.
With no contracts and super competitive pricing, that starts as low $10, no wonder over 18000 companies cal Jooksms home for their SMS needs.

Join today and get a free $5 credit to test their platform. No credit card is required.

5. OmniSend

Omnisend SMS marketing
Omnisend has a powerful SMS marketing tool that allows e-commerce businesses to send unlimited promotional SMS and MMS campaigns combining them with other channels (email, web push notifications, etc). Save time using pre-built workflows with SMS in cart abandonment, birthday, post-purchase, and other automations. Easily track the performance of your texts and analyze how SMS is performing compared to your other channels.

The best part of it all users on ANY plan get free SMS credits. Free credits can be used to send SMS and/or MMS worldwide. Also, unlike other platforms that offer SMS, Omnisend doesn’t charge extra for the high sending speed or extra sending numbers – you’re in control of what you’re spending.

Finally, Omnisend offers great 24/7 customer support and has a big library of educational resources.

6. TextMagic Bulk SMS Service

TextMagic is a full-featured business SMS platform to enhance communications and improve business operations. With this powerful software, you can send notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations, and SMS marketing campaigns. You may easily add text messaging to your business workflow by integrating the TextMagic SMS gateway with your website or software using SMS API tools, thus sending messages online to your team or customers will become even easier. If you want to know more details on TextMagic prices, you are welcome to contact their support team. There is also an option of 30 days’ free trial period and the lowest package fee starts from $10.

7. Aloware

Aloware offers SMS/MMS features that provide unlimited texting for businesses to stay connected to their customers. It can run SMS marketing campaigns and help you converse with your customers through their SMS inbox. Aloware also allows you to reach your targeted audiences who are on the go, boost response rates, and chat in real-time. With Aloware features, you can scale your brand engagement through SMS promotions, notifications, and follow-ups. Everything is on the cloud so you can enjoy two-way texting anytime and anywhere. Enable your local presence to match your customer’s area code and get a higher response time. Schedule a follow-up text based on triggers and dispositions for better lead nurturing. Aloware’s business texting solution surely meets your business needs to communicate effectively with your customers.


Still wondering if you should get on the train with SMS marketing? Read on to learn why you should get on board and consider one of the.

The Value of SMS Marketing

If the stats haven’t convinced you, consider the following ways small businesses can benefit from SMS marketing;

  1. It’s direct and immediate: SMS is the only marketing channel that lets you reach 97% of your audience within 15 minutes.
  2. Improves customer engagement: SMS marketing creates an open communication channel that lets you chat and listen to customers at a personal level.
  3. Increases customer loyalty: Customers favor brands that constantly engage them, and SMS marketing allows you to do that very well.
  4. It’s very affordable: You can begin SMS marketing today for $400/month or less for a 10,000-name contact list. Comparatively, the cheapest email plan costs $1,000/month.
  5. The return on investment is massive: You’ve probably heard about email marketing getting brands up to $38 for every $1 spent. Now, imagine this – SMS marketing has as much as a 500% average ROI!

Opportunities with SMS Marketing

If you’re wondering where to start, we’ve identified five business areas where SMS marketing can have a big impact.

  1. Welcome offers: Most marketers already use welcome emails. But, as we’ve seen, not many people open emails readily. Text marketing guarantees a broader reach and higher open rates.
  2. Order confirmation: Similarly, you’re guaranteed greater convenience if you send order confirmation messages via text rather than email. This way, users can get the messages even when they’ve run out of data.
  3. Time-sensitive offers: Do you still use email to drive FOMO campaigns? If so, you’re missing out. Time-sensitive campaigns work much better with SMS.
  4. Customer service: Apps and chatbots have become popular tools for enhancing customer service. However, don’t sleep on text messages. SMS is the ultimate solution for offline conversations.
  5. Drive loyalty programs: Finally, you can also use text message marketing to drive loyalty campaigns, such as sending birthday wishes and holiday messages.


SMS marketing is on a growth trajectory. It’s simple, affordable, yet highly impactful and profitable. With this list of the best SMS text messaging services you are ahead of the competition and can jump in and get started!

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