The Best SMS Marketing Tools and Practices for 2023

The Best SMS Marketing Tools and Practices for 2023

SMS text message marketing is a proven method to reach more customers and ensure your messages are seen.  As the world continues to move forward as "mobile-first" in device use, it's important to use tools that can reach consumers with the devices they have in their hands.  Beyond this, it's clear that social media is a challenge to compete within, whether from the sheer volume of posts, changing algorithms, or even new social media platforms.  Due to this, it's important to know about the best SMS marketing tools and practices for 2023 that can help your business gain the advantage you need.

Best SMS Marketing Tools for 2023

Below we outline the top SMS marketing tools to consider for 2023.

1. Mobile Text Alerts

best sms marketing tools including Mobile Text Alerts

Send your first text message in 5 minutes or less - no hassle.

With Mobile Text Alerts, you can send mass texts using an intuitive platform designed for easy customer experience. AND you can get any help you need, when you need it.

You can also enjoy the flexibility of:

  • Growing your contact list in a way that works for your business specifically with multiple opt-in methods

  • Freeing up your time with automated message scheduling options

  • Maximizing your sales via SMS marketing with many other built-in features & tools

Start driving up your sales - get 50 free messaging credits today (no credit card required) to try SMS marketing out for yourself.

2. Omnisend

Omnisend SMS marketing best sms marketing tools 2023

Omnisend is a powerful marketing automation tool for e-commerce businesses that allows for unlimited promotional SMS and MMS campaigns to be sent, in combination with other channels such as email and web push notifications. Save time with pre-built workflows for automation like cart abandonment and post-purchase. You will be able to track performance and analyze the effectiveness of SMS compared to other channels.

Additionally, users on any plan have access to free SMS credits that can be used to send messages worldwide, and the platform supports all country codes for SMS sending. Omnisend also offers a variety of tools for building SMS contact lists in a compliant manner and provides excellent 24/7 customer support and educational resources.

3. SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting SMS marketing tool

SimpleTexting is the all-in-one messaging platform that makes it easy to send texts to your customers, employees, and everyone else!

Known best for their exceptional customer support and their user-friendly platform that comes with a full suite of features. No matter the plan you’re on, you’ll have full access to features like mass texting, two-way messaging, scheduled and recurring texts, autoresponders, and segmentation capabilities. With over 400+ integrations SimpleTexting easily stacks with your current systems.

Create your free account today (no credit card required) and see why 17,000+ businesses prefer SimpleTexting.

Best SMS Marketing Practices in 2023

So, knowing the best SMS marketing tools to use is the first step, the second is using them well. You can add power to your marketing strategy in 2023 with SMS marketing done right! 95% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received. As well, SMS messages are seeing huge success compared to email marketing. The average click-through rate for an average marketing email is 4% while an SMS message is 19%. However, not all SMS marketing practices are equal! 2023 can be the year your business begins or enhances your SMS marketing campaigns when considering these 5 best SMS marketing practices in 2023.

1. Write Simple, Clear Messages

For SMS marketing, less is better. You only have 160 characters, so get to the point fast. Make sure your message is simple, and concise and does not use open-ended messages so your audience can clearly understand. Give clear information about when sales end, that offers valuable information, and dates for when coupons expire to enhance the clarity of your messages. Consumer actions will have a higher chance of leading to desired results when you give your customers enough clear information and incentive.

2. Ensure Your Timing is Right

SMS marketing is about timeliness and immediacy. 

Compared to an email it takes people an average of 3 minutes to open messages. You must find the best time to send a message to a specific individual based on their past interactions with your messages. Also, keep your customers’ time zones in mind. You do not want to bulk send a message that reaches people all at once across all time zones. This will significantly impact the success of the SMS message. It is standard to send messages between the hours of 8 am and 9 pm as you’ll have a better chance to increase brand awareness.

If you choose to use bulk SMS tactics, use software like those noted above to choose the appropriate times for your contact list. 

3. Use Call-To-Action Buttons

Call-to-Action Buttons are one of the top SMS marketing practices to increase customer engagement with your SMS texts. Call-to-Action Buttons encourage your audience to engage, read, interact, value and take action. Here are some call-to-action buttons to use in your next campaign:

  • “Show this text”: Show the text to get a discount or promotion
  • “Click Here”: For texts that need to include information that is not pertinent to the main point. Maybe it’s a location for an event or a link to a website with more details.
  • “Text-to-Win”: People love to win prizes. Text to win helps increase customer engagement.
  • “Text-to-Vote”: It is a great way to gather information about your company, products, prices, and more.
  • “Buy Now”: This is perfect for targeted messages that can make it easier for them to purchase.

4. Offer Opt-In Across All Your Media & Communications

Don’t limit your opt-in to one or two points of contact. In SMS marketing, utilize every point of contact across all media:

  • Social Media: Link to add “mobile number” and include an “opt-in” button.
  • Website: Make SMS opt-in a prominent feature on your website and at checkout.
  • Newsletter: Add a button for SMS “opt-in.”
  • Point of Sale: Have employees ask if customers want to “opt-in” for SMS promotions and sales messages.
  • Snail Mail: When sending coupons and promotional mail, include instructions to opt-in to business text messages.
  • SMS: Send a text asking if they want to “opt-in.”

5. Know Your Customer

Track the success of your SMS marketing messages in a CRM system or SMS marketing software. By analyzing the location and purchasing history you can send more personal messages to the right customers. Segment your clients with individualized messages that drive engagement from each person. For example, there might be a different message based on gender, age, or location.

Don’t wait until 2024! You can start today with small steps to implement SMS into your marketing campaign. No matter the company, you can utilize these best SMS marketing practices in your 2023 SMS marketing campaign to increase brand awareness and engagement.

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