Facebook Changes, Instagram New Features, YouTube Stories: Social Media Updates

Christmas is just over a week away! Here are some of the latest social media updates you should know about through December 13, 2018. Share Collections On Facebook Facebook is rolling out a new feature which allows users to share a collection of posts, videos, Marketplace listings or ads. This new feature is perfect for […]

TubeBuddy_ Your Best Friend for YouTube Channel Management 315

TubeBuddy: Your Best Friend for YouTube Channel Management

It’s no secret that video is fast becoming the most effective means of publishing content and building an audience. People are watching more and more video online thanks to high-speed Internet and smartphones.  YouTube is an obvious destination for video content creators seeking an inexpensive home for their videos and a chance for the videos […]

Why Content Marketing Is The Foundation For Organic Traffic

When building a business, every customer contact counts. Your website is the easiest and quickest way for potential customers to find and learn about your business. Your website tells people what type of products and services you have, where to find you, and what hours you’re open. While this might seem like a simple task, […]

YouTube Versus Facebook Video: The Right Platform for Your Brand

Video is an excellent tool for businesses to tell their brands’ stories. In today’s media driven society, videos are becoming more important as a tool for businesses to be using to communicate and connect with their target markets. Videos convey information in accessible ways. They create emotional connections between a business and its audience. But […]

Optimize YouTube Videos for SEO: A Quick Guide

Why do some YouTube videos rank better in Google search results than others? Can my videos get more views and perform better in search rankings? How can I optimize YouTube videos for SEO (search engine optimization)? Can YouTube videos help drive more traffic to our business website? If you’ve ever pondered these questions, then this is the right […]

Exploring YouTube as Content Marketing with Steve Dotto

Exploring the ways businesses can maximize YouTube for business! Steve Dotto of Dotto Tech in British Columbia, CA stops by the Halftime Mike podcast to talk about ways to use YouTube in social marketing, and how he produces videos at least 5 days a week as a central part of his content marketing strategy. Youtube […]

4 Top Online Video Tools for Small Businesses

The use of images and video in digital technology continues to grow. Why should businesses consider using video more? Images and video capture attention and help communicate messages faster, better, and with more emotional connection. With the speed of data networks and Internet service continuing to increase, the barriers to sending, sharing, and posting images […]

Social Media for Business Presentation in South Bend

It was a privilege to present on Social Media for business to the CB Richard Ellis Bradley team in South Bend today.  The Summit Club was a great location with the wonderful view of South Bend from the 25th floor. I believe there is opportunity for commercial realtors to use social media to boost their […]

What is the best Social Media to use for business?

What is the best social media to use for business? Simple: the one where your target market hangs out. Your target market isn’t as narrowly defined as those to whom you want to sell something.  Expand it to include those with whom you’d like to network, develop a friendship, or learn from. For most business […]