TabSite releases new Enterprise features for Agencies

TabSite Releases Agency Enterprise White Label Feature

TabSite is pleased to announce the release of a enhanced TabSite Enterprise service for agencies.

vocus-enterprise.jpgThe TabSite Enterprise is a Facebook Page custom tab app platform enabling marketing agencies to have a white label solution for building, managing, and granting clients access to manage custom tabs for Facebook Pages.

Now with the new Enterprise User feature, agencies have a method to easily grant clients access to add Facebook Pages to the service.  The agency can set specific limits on the number of Pages that can be added and also the number of tabs that can be built by each client.

Previously, the agency needed to be a Facebook Page Admin to add a Page to their Enterprise system.  Now agencies can grant others access without needing to be a Page Admin of every Facebook Page in their platform.

This new feature allows agencies more flexibility to not simply self-manage but now also offer capability to offer "Page Builder" packages to new clients who want their own Do-It-Yourself option. Agencies can advertise plans and then simply create the Enterprise User and grant them access. The agency maintains full control of management of the pages and custom tabs.

All Enterprise Users have full access to all TabSite widgets and features, including the popular Contest suite and Sweepstakes tool.

Example of how this can work for a Agency:

1. Agency creates Facebook Page "Packages" (example: 2 Pages, 4 Tabs total for $40/month) and displays them on a Tab and on their website with PayPal buttons to purchase the package.

2. User signs up, pays via PayPal

3. Agency gets e-mail, setups up Enterprise User by adding their e-mail address and sets this user to be able to add 2 Pages and 4 Tabs and sends e-mail off to new user.


4. User gets e-mail, creates account and starts building tabs for their Facebook Page inside the agencies platform.

5. Agency maintains full control and access to user tabs to assist in support if needed.

The TabSite Enterprise service offers agencies the ability to offer their Facebook Page Builder services, enabling designers, web development firms, marketers, and full-service agencies the ability to easily build Facebook Page tabs with full featured options including lead capture forms, sweepstakes, and social engaging contests, as well as ability to offer the public ability to purchase packages and build their own Facebook Page tabs.  The Enterprise service is a completely white label service.  There is also an API with a TabSite SDK for advanced integrations if desired.

Learn more about the TabSite Enterprise white label service today.


Powering over 77,000 Facebook Pages,  TabSite is a Facebook Page software enabling businesses to easily build and manage socially engaging custom tabs on Facebook brand Pages. TabSite offers a Enterprise white label service for agencies that enables complete, private branding, allowing agencies to build, manage, and offer their own Facebook Page services to clients.  TabSite also offers individual plans for small and medium sized businesses.

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