How Supplier Portals Can Open Doors for your business

Overseas Supplier Portals

How Supplier Portals Can Open Doors for your business

For any business, the importance of your relationship with your suppliers cannot be underestimated. For your business to grow and satisfy its customers, you need suppliers that can handle your level of orders and deliver them promptly.

What you need is a supplier portal that your suppliers can access; making delivery smoother for all involved. That will give them the ability to not only deal with orders quicker, but it will also help you communicate with them easily.

Speed of Ordering

When you connect your supplier portal with your suppliers, you have the opportunity to order what you need accurately. Your order will be accessible to your supplier straight away so they can arrange to ship as soon as possible.

You can also see instantly if there is a problem with the supply or if there is a delay in completing the order. It is vital for customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

By having all your suppliers connected to the same supply portal, you can arrange orders as soon as possible. This means that if your customers want something that is out of stock, you know that you can get it for them quickly and easily.

Customers like having a fast and efficient service, so they will appreciate the speed that you can reorder. You may even be able to give your customers a definitive date for their delivery.

Supplier Portals

Adding New Suppliers

With a supplier portal, new suppliers can add their details and express their interest in becoming a supplier to your company. It can be useful if you are looking to change or add suppliers as there may already be interested parties.

The same can be said of those you no longer want to use; you can stop using them as a supplier by simply removing them from the system.

Overseas Suppliers

When it comes to using overseas suppliers, there can be many challenges including communication and time zones. Previously, you would have had to either deal with them over the phone or via fax. However, by using a supplier portal, you can simplify this process and make their products easier to obtain. You can also keep in regular contact with them and oversee the procurement process regardless of the time.

It also makes paying their invoices quicker as you can send paperwork to the portal and access their terms and conditions.


Choosing a Supplier Portal

There are a few choices when it comes to supplier portals. You need to use one that has all the features you need to get the best from your suppliers. You need it to be easy to use, from both sides and quick to navigate.

Applications such as Omnia from Weaveability are ideal for keeping all your supplier data in one location, and making it easy for both suppliers and buyers to do business quickly and efficiently due to real-time communications, delivery notifications and forecasts for future demands.

Supplier portals are a good way to organize and communicate with your suppliers wherever they are in the world. It is also good for suppliers who can get access to payments and company information quickly.


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