6 Steps to Becoming a Better Manager

6 Steps to Becoming a Better Manager

Managers can have a huge impact on the success of the companies they work for and the lives of the employees who work under them, so if you are a manager, it is really important that you are the best manager you can be, not only for your own sake but for the sake of your employees and your business too.

With that in mind, here are some simple steps you can take to become a better manager starting now:

  1. Get a coach

Sign up to a quality coaching app and start getting the support you need to be a better manager. Yes, really. Why? Because having a business management coach who can spur you on, help you set goals, and keep you accountable will really help you to up your game and become the best possible version of yourself that you can be. Most of us need support and encouragement in life and a professional coach from Sigmoid Curve is often the best person to provide this in an unbiased way.

  1. Get to know your staff

It’s hard to effectively manage people when you don’t know anything about them. To manage effectively, you need to understand people’s personalities and their strengths and weaknesses so that you can assign them the right tasks and put them with the kind of people they are likely to mesh with in order to avoid conflict, it really is that simple.

  1. Listen to employees

As well as getting to know your employees, it is also very important that you listen to them. You may be the manager, but that doesn’t mean you are always right, and if you listen to employee suggestions, you might just hit upon a way of doing things more efficiently. Good managers understand that collaboration is vital to the success of any company. 

6 Steps to Becoming a Better Manager

  1. Motivate your employees

Motivating your employees, whether with kind and inspirational words or the promise of a bonus, is a great way to improve as a manager, Managers who use the stick, rather than the carrot, tend to foster hostile working environments where no one respects them and everyone is miserable, It’s far better to positively motivate employees and have them invested so be sure to do that if you’re serious about being a better manager.

  1. Work on yourself

As a manager, you may be tasked with spotting weaknesses in your team and ironing them out the best you can, but are you doing the same with yourself? If you are not, then you are not going to get better. No one is perfect, and that includes you, so be sure to work on your own weaknesses as you work on the weaknesses of your team.

  1. Lead by example

You can’t expect your employees to be hardworking, honest, ethical human beings in the workplace if you are a dishonest, lazy, lying manager, so ensure that your own conduct at work is beyond reproach and the rest will follow.

Being a better manager is totally possible, especially if you follow these simple 6 steps to become a better manager!

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