4 Tips to Identify the Most Suitable Candidate for a Managerial Position

4 Tips to Identify the Most Suitable Candidate for a Managerial Position

There is no shortage of applicants for any job opening today. In fact, hundreds of resumes could fly in for a single position within seven days of publication. While this may appear simple to handle (considering the influx of applications), hiring a manager is often a difficult task. Remember, you must select an individual who will nicely fit into the role and your organizational culture. Hiring decisions happen to be the most critical choices any employer will ever make because success depends on it. Numerous blogs and articles address employment (searching, interview, and offer process) from the employee's perspective. Firstly, in order to identify the most qualified applicant, invite the candidates to take a pre-employment assessment.

Suppose you are a hiring manager or other decision-maker in charge of your company's recruitment process. In that case, you know how crucial it is to make a well-informed decision when selecting the most suitable candidate for that open managerial position in your company. You've put the effort into the recruitment process, from resume screening to interviewing candidates, and then to the one feared moment – making the crucial hiring decision. But, how do you know whose right for the job? Below are four top tips that can help you identify the most suitable candidate for the managerial position.

  1. Do your homework to know what you want.

The first step to successfully hiring the ideal candidate for that managerial position is to conduct a proper job analysis. As a hiring manager or an employer, you need to know what the role you are hiring for entails. Carrying out job analysis allows you to compile necessary information about the position. This should include duties, experience, essential skills, educational requirements, expected outcome, etc.

A proper job analysis is critical for developing and carving out the new employee’s job description and behavioral characteristics. The job description provides a road map to planning the right strategy to identify and hire the ideal candidate. You may not be familiar with all the specific requirements of the managerial position. However, you can work with people in-house that know the field or contact a consultant. Additionally, some of these consultants can help you with the entire hiring process to ensure you get the appropriate person for that role.

  1. Plan your Hiring Strategy and be Objective in Your Approach

After developing a well-detailed job description, next you should create a strategy and approach for hiring the right candidate. Here, you draw out plans and methods of screening your candidates. Again, do this with people currently holding similar or the same position within or consult experts outside your organization.

You must get all the accurate information from a candidate that will help you make that well-informed decision. Therefore, consider conducting a structured interview, pre-employment testing, interview scorecard, and taking notes during the interview. The point is to adopt a method that will allow you enough time to evaluate a candidate before forming an impression. Thereby, helping you standardize your evaluation process.

  1. Assess Candidate's Experience, Leadership Skills, and Personality

One of the determining factors for selecting candidates for an interview or offer is their relevant and related prior experience. Often, this can easily be found in their CVs, resumes, or networking profiles. When hiring for a managerial position, it's essential to assess a candidate's leadership skills and personality as well. This is because every manager should be a leader, and leaders must be people of great character.

To assess a candidate’s leadership skills and see if they can successfully lead a team, you must conduct the Leadership test. These assessments will reveal if a candidate can adequately manage the workforce and issues when they arise. Also, assess candidate's personalities and measure their compatibility with your organizational structure. Doing these will not only help you to know the candidate better but will also help you in making the final decision.

  1. Candidate’s Work Ethic and Cultural Fit Counts

An organization's culture is always at risk with every recruitment. As such, cultural fit is essential for every hire, especially for managerial positions. First, an organization must know its culture thoroughly. Additionally, define the purpose of an employee, who he/she works for, and how the employee can improve the quality of goods and services. If these are not formally defined and a cultural misfit manager is hired in the process, the effect can be catastrophic.

Additionally, try to dwell on their work ethic to learn how they treat or manage others in the office. Get them to tell you what they would do to inspire and keep their team on track. Also, inquire how they have dealt with similar issues in the past. The pre-employment assessments can also be beneficial at this stage. Taking this approach will help you identify the ideal candidate for the position.

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